As someone who has a self-diagnosed addiction to technology, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the “new and shiny” toy. Whether it’s whatever Anbernic is releasing this week or waiting for the Switch 2 to finally be announced, there’s always something around the corner.

By getting wrapped in what’s coming next, it’s easy to forget about what you already have. In my case, I have five x86 handhelds, three Switches, and an ever-growing number of other retro handhelds. Not to mention the plethora of foldable phones, smartphones, and consoles that are just an arm’s reach away.

Live in the Moment

Very “Cool”….get it?

The reality is that while the next ROG Ally might change the world, it doesn’t take away from the handheld that you already have. There’s always going to be another device that’s more powerful, has a better screen, or offers something that the others don’t.

Something I’ve noticed is that while I’m proud of my growing collection of retro handhelds and consoles, it’s turning into an island of misfit toys. The last time I turned on any three of my Nintendo Switch’s was to buy Balatro, but I haven’t even played it yet. My Retroid Pocket 4 Pro has been dormant for at least a month, and it’s been even longer for the Retroid Pocket 2S.

Andrews Handhelds Collecting Dust

Just one shelf of handhelds collecting dust. There’s more.

Editor’s Note: If you have too many handhelds, then you NEED this wooden dish rack.

Admittedly, my focus has been elsewhere, as of late, thanks to different projects I’m working on. But the point still stands. I can’t remember the last time I turned on my ROG Ally because I’ve been enjoying a combination of the Steam Deck OLED and Bazzite-powered Legion Go. I snagged an MSI Claw on launch day, but it’s already gathering dust. All I’ve done is move it around.

While I would love to play games on every device I own, there’s just not enough time in the day. It’s a problem I’ve brought upon myself, considering that I have more ways to play games than there are days in a month. On top of all of that, my desktop PC is an absolute workhorse and is where I usually end up going when I want to get another run of Balatro in. The spread of iPhone and iPad emulators is making this problem even worse.

Tinkering is Great and Problematic

Nifty angle of the Steam Deck 3DS OLED

Nifty angle of the Steam Deck 3DS OLED

The other problem with getting into this niche might not be one that you find yourself dealing with. But, I’m a tinkerer at heart. If there’s something to mess around with, chances are, I’m going to at least give it a shot. Only recently has this expanded into hardware mods, but, when it comes to software, all bets are off.

I also love trying to get something to run on a device that it probably shouldn’t. Whenever I get a new Android device, I’ve got to see how well it can handle Switch games. Anbernic released another handheld? Well, it’s time to see if muOS or Batocera will run.

I even bought a TrimUI Smart Pro JUST because of Zu’s Tomato OS video and the announcement that PortMaster is coming. And, after falling in love with Bazzite on the Legion Go, I’m currently in the process of trying to get Bazzite to run on my Framework Laptop. If you’re wondering, it runs, but there’s something wonky going on with the trackpad. This issue goes beyond Bazzite. Do I bite the bullet, flash back to Windows, and wrestle with those driver and BIOS updates?

Just Play Your Games

OLED Game Boy Color and Miyoo Mini Plus playing Links Awakening

OLED Game Boy Color and Miyoo Mini Plus playing Links Awakening

Anyway, the point of all of this is that if you have a Miyoo Mini Plus, just enjoy it and play your games. I say that even as we’re all waiting for the Miyoo Mini Flip to finally show up. Sure, the Anbernic RG28XX might be enticing, but it’s not going to be better than the RG35XX H.

This is probably more of a letter to myself than anyone else, but hey, maybe someone out there needs to hear it. Okay, decision time! Do I dive back into Balatro, wrestle with Bazzite, or see what’s up with the Claw? So many choices! Probably Balatro.

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