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Discord is the beating heart of Retro Handhelds. It’s a central meeting place where enthusiasts can relax, trade tips, discuss their latest gaming passion, and get help with their newest device. Our server is designed to be a welcoming and inviting place, with staff of friendly moderators from around the world helping to keep things running smoothly.

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In addition to the general community hub channels, the RH Discord also offers several device-specific categories. Have you taken a hard pass on the Retroid Pocket 3+, but want to know everything there is about Anbernic’s RG405V? No problem! Just subscribe to the channels that interest you. Or if you’re the daring type, go ahead and enable every category! Enjoy the firehose of portable gaming goodness.

Are you working on a custom firmware for a retro handheld? Our developer channels can help give your team a central place to discuss new ideas and features. When you’re ready to launch, our user-base is always full of eager testers to help kick the tires on your latest beta code.

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If you like what we do here, our Patreon is a great way to help keep the lights on. Our $1, $3, $5 & $10 support tiers go directly to paying our infrastructure costs, handheld reviews, giveaways, and community projects. Supporters get access to an exclusive patrons only channel (the owls), shout outs on the Retro Handhelds YouTube, access to a patrons only marketplace ($3), a free copy of the RESET Collection frontend ($5), hardware and software handheld modding services ($10), and additional Game of the Month points (to redeem for sweet RH merch and more!).

Stubbs Nubbs

Stubbs Nubbs is the award winning Accupressure Joystick Cap from Stubbs. Blending a focused tactile grip, with endorphin release technology, and untested pancreas stimulation benefits! The various Nubb styles are produced in collaboration with The 3D Printed Studio on Etsy (check out his other awesome RH products also!)

Use code Stubbs1 for 5% off your entire order from 3DPS!

Stubbs Nubbs

Retro Handhelds on Reddit

In addition to running a centralized Discord server, Retro Handhelds also manages several handheld related subreddits. These communities offer a slower and more asynchronous place to chat, and are limited to the devices you care about the most.


Get the latest news on the Retroid Pocket, and the upcoming RP Flip.


A home for all things RG350, RG351, RG552, and beyond!


Silly name, great handhelds! RGB10, RGB10 Max, 18s, & more!


Reddit’s largest resource for small board computer gaming. We help moderate for our friends at SBC Gaming.


The GameForce Chi & GameForce 2.


Android for your RG351 devices!


Your one stop shop for Steam Deck retro gaming discussions.


A home for fans of the Miyoo’s handhelds!


Our pal Javier putting out a great Android frontend!

Wikis & More

Feel free to peruse & contribute to our wikis and Google Sheets compatibility guides!

Retroid Pocket 2 Wiki
Retroid Pocket 2+ Game Settings
Anbernic RG552 Game Settings