Miyoo is one of the most popular brands in the Retro Handheld community. The Miyoo Mini had people setting alarms for odd hours in the middle of the night trying to snag one from their AliExpress shop, especially with all of the colors and versions they released. It was the perfect pocketable device for an affordable price when it was released. Miyoo followed this up with the highly coveted Miyoo Mini Plus. It took the design of the original mini, but it was larger, had wi-fi, a bigger battery, and more. 

There have been rumors of a Miyoo Mini Flip for quite a while now. There were even some renders shared last year and I really hope that the colors in the render are real. Imagine the Miyoo Mini, but as a Game Boy Advance SP? That sounds like a dream pocket device for me and I am sure many others. Well, the rumors are starting to transform more into reality with some new leaks! 

Miyoo Mini Flip Patent

Render From Miyoo Patent

Video Reveal

Today there was a picture of a user reaching out to Miyoo on Ali Express asking about the Miyoo Mini Flip. Miyoo responded with a picture of a black device with 2 green face buttons and the message “Already in the test”. Just this news was enough to get the community excited, but there was more! Someone posted a video of the flip being shown in more detail from the website bilibili.

Ali Express Image

Message from Reddit user ImZackSong on r/SBCGaming

The video shows someone with the flip in hand turning it over to see the whole view of the device. Some users have pointed out that the user interface shown on the screen is the same that comes with the Miyoo Mini and Plus. This made it seem more than just a rumor and something more concrete. The buttons and most noticeably the d-pad, seem to be much different on this device.

Sadly there is no set release date as of this writing. There isn’t much more information than the visuals that can be seen in the picture and video either. Hopefully, we can get more information about this soon and it can be a handheld many are excited to try out in the coming months! I am hopeful that the gorgeous blue and pink render is a real color option, but that is just my wishful thinking.

What are your thoughts on the Miyoo Mini Flip? What things are you hoping for? Do you think it needs the analog sticks? Do you think this is going to release or go the way of the P60? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord! We will be giving updates on this as we find out more information!

If you are interested in the vertical Miyoo Mini Plus, check out Ban’s article here. Also, be sure to keep an eye on Miyoo’s Ali Express shop here! We will be giving updates on this as we find out more information!

Get ready! Game Go Geek just said that there is an estimated release date of April 15 to April 21.

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