The new Anbernic RG35XXSP has finally arrived. The year of the clamshell emulator is upon us and this first release is a doozy. A love letter to the GBA SP expertly recreated with a whole host of quality-of-life improvements over the hardware that inspired its creation. There is always room for tweaking though, and making the device truly feel like your own is one of the most gratifying aspects of this hobby.

Our own Jalanimal already covered how to mod the buttons if the stock option is a bit too loud for your liking. Today though we’ll look at a fun feature, if you even want to call it that, which was first featured in the promo video materials for the 35XSP. The transparent color schemes let you insert your own images for personalization! Follow along as we quickly pop the top on the upper portion of this clam to truly make it your own.

What You Need

  • An eyeglass-sized Phillips screwdriver
  • A guitar pick or fine edged pry-tool
  • A sticker or graphical cutout of your choosing


Start off by using a pry tool to remove the five rubber stoppers that go around the screen of the device.

35XXSP Screws

Remove each of the 5 rubber stoppers and screws surrounding the device screen

Using your eyeglass Phillips screwdriver, carefully remove the five screws, preferably with a magnetic driver to keep hold of all of them throughout the process.

Screw Removal

Screw Removal

CAREFULLY, insert a sharp edge of your tool or guitar pick in the lower section of the screen. I did it right next to the area of the hinge and things popped open very easily. Take care not to scratch the edges of the device where everything fits together by jamming a blade into the side like I did.

RG35XXSP Shell removal

Insert and pop the shell

Remove the black cover sheet from the back shell, insert your sticker or graphic of choice, and then do these steps in reverse!

Disassembled RG35XXSP

Disassembled RG35XXSP ready for sticker insertion

Congrats! You’ve got yourself a customized YOU edition of the Anbernic RG35XXSP

Anbernic RG35XXSP

Ziggy Stardust SP

What did you think of this article? Will you be trying this mod? Want to show yours off? Let us know in the comments below, and chat with us in our Discord!

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