So you just bought the new Anbernic RG35XX SP and the loudness buttons are annoying you or you are waking up your family in the middle of the night playing.

Or maybe you read our reviews here and here and just the talk of the button clickyness is turning you off. Well, have no fear because Aish from Aish Talks Tech has come out with a great solution that I tried myself and it works!

What You Need

  • A screwdriver that can handle 1.5 mm hex screws
  • Painter tape, masking tape, or electrical tape
  • Scissors
  • Small Phillips screwdriver (I used a 000 size)

That is it! It is a relatively easy mod that does not take too much to pull off.

Steps to the Mod

  1. First, take out your SD cards.
  2. Next, take out the 4, 1.5mm hex screws in the corners on the back of the device
  3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the one Phillips screw holding the battery door together
  4. After removing the battery door, carefully remove the battery and notice the cable connecting it to the battery connector. Carefully pull this out and put the battery aside
  5. Carefully lift up the back shell. There aren’t any clips to worry about, but be cautious of the shoulder buttons and the side buttons.
  6. Remove the side buttons and shoulder buttons
  7. Remove the 3 Phillips screws shown in the picture below

    Inside Screws

    Screws Inside RG35XX SP

  8. Very carefully lift up the motherboard from the bottom. Just lift it up because there is a screen ribbon cable connecting the top of it.

    Screen Ribbon Cable

    Screen Ribbon Cable

  9. Undo the cable clip and now take out the motherboard. You need to be working on the side that had the clip
  10. You should now see button pads for the ABXY and d-pad. Get your tape of choice and prepare sizes to cover each circular pad.

    Tape on Buttons

    Example of Tape on Buttons

  11. For the d-pad, I recommend doing 2 layers of tape. For the ABXY buttons, I recommend 3 layers of tape.
  12. When you are finished with the tape, just put the device back together in the reverse order and you are good to go!


Below are some before and after videos of what the buttons sound like after this.

Aish also recorded that the pressure to press the buttons has decreased as well. Before the mod, it took him about 190 grams of pressure for a button press, and after it was only 150. This might help if you have had problems fully pressing the buttons down as well.

This mod has made the buttons so much more quiet on my device. A device I already really enjoyed is being made even better as it was my one big complaint. Do I think it is right to have to fix a device yourself? No, but I am glad this helped me and hopefully helps someone else too. Pick up your own RG35XX SP at one of the links below.

What did you think of this article? Will you be trying this mod? Let us know in the comments below, and chat with us in our Discord!

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