It was just last week when there were rumors about the Miyoo Mini Flip coming soon that we were speculating about here. Now there seems to be even more news surrounding Miyoo that is not flip-related. According to Miyoo Mini Stock Alerts on X, the Miyoo A30 will be released next month, before the Miyoo Mini Flip.

Early Rumors

The Miyoo A30 is a new horizontal device that was rumored about over a year ago when it was originally called the Miyoo Mini 282. Just like the Miyoo Mini Flip, the horizontal device was shown in a collection of patented images. The Miyoo Alert Stock Bot even confirmed that this device, still called the Miyoo 282 would be released before the flip.

Messages About A60

Image Credit: Miyoo Mini v2 v3 Stock Alert Bot

8 months ago we had a video released from Miyoo Alert Stock Bot showing someone with the device in hand. The landscape device was sporting the singular analog stick, non-stacked shoulder buttons, and Miyoo Operational System.

There were numerous images released around the time too with the same kind of device being shown.

New Miyoo Mini A30 News

News of the Miyoo A30 was hushed until last week with a tweet showing four devices with the words, “Four popular colors, fashionable simplicity, heartbeat value choice”. The image shows off the four colorways as well with one being an all-grey shell, grey with lighter accents, the black from the early video, and a Famicom controller with maroon and gold.

A60 Announcement

Image Credit: Miyoo Mini Stock Alerts on X

There are no official specifications of the device at this time. Previously, some were written on a Handheld spreadsheet last year, but none of that has been confirmed. There isn’t much solid information besides the colors and the message that it will be released next month. This can be a great portable option for fans of horizontal handhelds though.

What did you think of the Miyoo Mini A30? Are you going to order one or wait for the Miyoo Mini Flip? Maybe you are happy with your Mini or Mini Plus already. Let us know in the comments below, and chat with us in our Discord! Watch Stubbs and co. discuss the the A30 on the podcast live tomorrow night here.

If you are interested in the vertical Miyoo Mini Flip, check out JaLanimal’s article here. Maybe you are interested in the vertical Miyoo Mini Plus, check out Ban’s article here. Also, be sure to keep an eye on Miyoo’s Ali Express shop here! We will be giving updates on this as we find out more information!


Game Go Geek just tweeted out that there is an estimated release date of April 15 to April 29th.

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