It is now February, the month of love! Maybe we can find some new games for you to love in our February Game of the Month. The theme for this month was Follow Up February. Games that were up for voting had to be a direct sequel or the next game in a franchise of a game that has been featured in GotX. It was a wild week to vote, but the final winners that you will have until the end of the month are set!


Pre ‘96

Kirby’s Dream Land 2

Console: Game Boy


Genre: Platformer

HLTB: 3hours

DX Patch:

Kirby's Dream Land 2

Kirby floating into action

Kirby, the throat G.O.A.T. is back! The sequel to the GotW game, Kirby’s Dream Land plays much the same as the original. It is simple, but fun and one of the better Kirby titles. There are plenty of power-ups for you to experiment with as you play. There is a DX hack as well that adds color to the game and you can see that in the link I attached above!



Metal Slug 2

Console: Neo Geo


Genre: Run ‘n Gun

HLTB: 1 hour

Metal Slug 2

Gunning down the enemy

February is the shortest month of the year, even with the extra day for leap this year. That is great timing because this month there is a short game for you to complete as well! Metal Slug 2 is a fun run ‘n gun game that has great sprite work. It has the same formula as the other titles in the series. You shoot down your enemies, save prisoners, get powerups, and defeat a boss at the end of each level. Will you load in 99 credits to beat this one or are you going to take the challenge of doing it without? Please note that Metal Slug X does not count for completion.



Metroid Prime

Console: GameCube, Wii, Switch

Release: 2002

Genre: FPS

HLTB: 14 hours

Prime Hack:

Metroid Prime

Metroid…but as a FPS?!

We are in a great new era where these budget handhelds can now handle GameCube games! Metroid Prime takes the bones of traditional Metroid games and turns it into a first person shooter! Samus arrives on an alien ship after getting a distress call. Upon arriving, she witnesses carnage and has to battle a parasite queen! While escaping the ship, Samus loses all of her abilities, and ends up hunting an old foe on the planet below. Travel through atmospheric worlds and scan your environment to learn more lore in this FPS Metroid adventure. Also, on PC you may check out the PrimeHack for a mouse and keyboard layout or even dual stick aiming too. The remastered version and trilogy version count for completion as well.

Those are our games this month, so drop on by and join us as in our Discord as we enjoy another great month of GotM. Which games are you excited to play? If you are new to GotX, check out our article here on how to participate. Happy gaming!