Happy 2024! One of the best parts about owning a new retro handheld is diving into the process of setting it up with an endless array of games. It’s when my favorite game, aptly named “Choice Paralysis” kicks in. Fortunately, RH has an incredible program called GotX, led by its intrepid leader Rapid99. It’s our community book club equivalent…for video games!

This past year, GotX has undergone a remarkable evolution from its origins as GotM (Game of the Month). With a rapidly expanding userbase, GotX has introduced not only the Game of the Week but also the RPG of the Quarter.

How Do You Participate?

Within the RH Discord server, there’s a dedicated GotX channel waiting for you to join the fun. Each month, three games are up for grabs across distinct categories: Pre’96 for games created before 1996, ‘96-’99 for those between 1996-1999, and 00+ for games crafted in 2000 or later. Any game playable on a retro handheld qualifies for nomination.

There’s a monthly theme, voted on by the previous month’s winners. While any user can nominate games, joining the voting process requires reaching at least level 5, which is achieved by chatting in the server. Upon completing a game, it’s mandatory to snap a picture of the credits screen displaying the date, your Discord name, and the game title. Gotta keep folks honest! They then tag Rapid and share it in the GotM Completion Screenshots thread.

#Completion Photo Example

You can earn one point for each game completed, with just a single completion needed to gain entry into the coveted Champions Lounge. This exclusive space brings together winners and eternal champions to discuss the theme for the upcoming month. To achieve eternal champion status, completing one game monthly for 12 consecutive months is necessary. Once achieved, no more game completions are required to retain access to the Champions Lounge. Don’t forget to explore the GotM Lounge for different threads related to each GotM game.

So What About The Games?

GotW offers a semi-random selection of games, each requiring less than 2 hours to complete. Similar completion rules apply, and you can discuss the week’s game in the GotW discussion channel. Unlike the month-long format, you have only one week to complete these games, announced every Saturday at 8pm EST. 

#DOOM RPG, Winner of October 2021 GotM

RPG of the Quarter is a recent addition for RPG enthusiasts seeking a more flexible commitment. Every three months, four randomly chosen RPGs, each requiring 30 or more hours are selected. Users vote to determine the new RPG of the Quarter. Here’s the special twist: achieving 100% of the retro achievements rewards an additional 2 points. Participants have the entire quarter of a year to complete the game before the next one begins.

GotY stands as another segment within GotX. Here, you can delve into any games that have won a Game of the Year award voted on by users. Additionally, there’s GotWotY (Game of the Week of the Year) and various other categories. Completing one of the GotY games earns a point, while the GotWotY completion adds an extra half point to your score. However, you can only complete one GotY for a point, as further completions will only bring you the joy of having completed an awesome game.

#Choro Q Wonderful. Winner of Multimedia March 2023

There’s also the GotX Flashback channel, catering to users who might have missed a past winner among the GotX games. Here, they can start a thread and engage with other users while playing these games. While completions in this thread don’t earn points (unless it’s a GotY), it’s a great opportunity to delve into these titles and discuss your gaming experiences. If you’re curious about past winners, you can find a comprehensive list in the GotM Winner Circle or GotW games threads, showcasing all the titles that have won in the past.

The more games you complete, the more points you can rack up. But what’s the use of all these points, you might ask? Well, enter the “Redeem GotX points” thread. This is where you get to spend those hard-earned points. Currently pinned there is a link to the RH Merch Store website. Each point you’ve earned is equivalent to $1 in the shop, though shipping costs still apply. If you want your merchandise personalized with your username, it’ll cost an extra 5 points. Try to join the quest for the highly coveted RH Messenger Bag for a whopping 50 points! 

#Rapid’s One of a Kind Gold Bag

GotX truly enriches the experience for all our participating RH users. It’s a place to gush about your favorite games, uncover some hidden gems, score some awesome merch, and above all, be part of a vibrant community.

Feeling a bit disoriented? Check out the pins section in each thread for a comprehensive explanation. And if you want to stay in the loop for new GotX updates, don’t forget to select the GotX Club role under Discord’s roles. Let’s give a huge shoutout to Rapid for investing countless hours in making this program extraordinary for our users.

If you’re loving GotX, consider showing your appreciation by giving Rapid a donation for his hard work right here: RetroHandhelds Ko-fi link.