Sources for Season 4, Episode 12 (04/29/24)

Stubbs, Rob (@retrotechdad), & Aish (@aishtalkstech) hang out with @TechDweeb and try not to keep him up too late, dishing on the latest handheld news, including Pocket S pre-orders, Miyoo A30 thoughts, 28XX CFW & more!


AYANEO Pocket S pre-orders

28XX gets MinUI (Knulli & MuOS on the way!)

Miyoo A30 thoughts continued

MagicX XuminiM Specs & new info revealed
Twitter (RH – Hardware)

NEW SJGAM M19 Handheld

Twitter (RH)

SZDiier D-R35S hands on


Hanging with TechDweeb

TechDweeb YouTube Channel (Questions):

Favorite DOS game? – Garathnor

What old game would you update with new graphics – SuperBottle

Favorite SNES game of all time – DigitalJedi

What would you bring camping if you couldn’t bring your Miyoo Mini/+ with you – Digital Jedi

Just how many pinstrips do those black and orange shirts have? – Digital Jedi

Who is your favorite Transformer? – Lio Kizer

For the group-
Game we’re playing the most right now
Handheld we’re using the most right now