Just earlier today I wrote in my review of the RG28XX how there will be Custom Firmware (CFW) released for the device soon. Shaun Inman, developer of MinUI, redefined the word “soon” as MinUI is now ready as of now! MinUI is a great simple looking firmware and it is even more simple to install.

How to Install

First, you need to go to the MinUI GitHub page here. You then need to download the most recent release (MinUI-20240429b-2). Make sure to download the base, but the extras folder is good too as it will allow you to play extra systems that are not on the base.

The process is the same as putting it on an RG35XXPlus. You even still need the same dmenu.bin file located within the same folder. If you would like a more in-depth guide on how to do this, you can read my guide here or follow the README file within the MinUI base folder. You can also watch Zu’s guide in the video below.


Personally, I find the UI of MinUI much better than stock and I am excited to have this on my RG28XX. The layout is very simple and easy to navigate. This will make the device even better for pickup and play sessions, which this device is great at.

The one thing that people are always hesitant on MinUI is that there isn’t support for Wi-Fi. People have to have their RetroAchievements. Well since the RG28XX already does not have Wi-Fi, that is a non-issue and makes this a great CFW for the device.

Anbernic RG28XX in Transparent Black


Finally, you can order the RG28XX for yourself from either AliExpress or directly from Anbernic. It costs $47.99, but you will have to pay for shipping. The case is another $10 that you can add to your order as well for some extra protection. Keep an eye on the website and channel for comparisons, more reviews, and firmware news on the RG28XX!


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