Well, here we are my handheld family. The turkey leftovers are now sandwiches to take to work, the long weekend is past, and Black Friday is behind us. Or is it? Do you remember when Black Friday and Cyber Monday were two separate things? Like one was where you went to join a violent mosh pit in the middle of a Target or Walmart as employees tried their best not to be mauled in the chaos, and the other one was where you sat at home on the couch and funded the next Jeff Bezos rocket to space. You ‘member? I ‘member.

Well now they’re both that second part, as online retailers hastily smack a “Cyber Monday deals!” sticker onto their Black Friday deals and call it a day. I already have two Black Friday articles you can see here: Part 1 and Part 2, and I’ve helpfully gone back and labelled which deals are now dead in the wake of Cyber Monday and which had a sticker-swap.

Either way, as before so now, I am here not necessarily to give you the complete picture of Cyber Monday’s mountain of deals, but to provide little tidbits of hints and clues as to where to steer your shopping list for electronic and retro handheld goodies. So let’s a-go!

Sometimes You Really Press My Buttons

Cyber Monday controllers section

Let’s talk phone controllers. They’re an excellent and easy way to turn a smartphone you already have into a retro gaming powerhouse. After all, many of our favorite handhelds in this community are powered by the very same chipsets found on both entry-level devices and flagships, be it the humble T618 or the recent juggernaut the Snapdragon 8Gen2. So here’s a few deals to get you started gaming on the device you already carry with you in your pocket:

Backbone controller for both Lightning and USB-C devices.

The Razer Kishi V2, which also has an iPhone model.

The RIG Nacon MG-X. Crowd favorite for the Microsoft Surface Duo that was popular in our community a while back.

The Gamesir X2 and X2 Pro.

There are also plenty of sales going on for ordinary controllers, some of which from the same manufacturers such a several from Gamesir here. Or perhaps this officially licensed Xbox model from RIG Nacon. Plenty of excellent PowerA options here. Also we all love 8Bitdo here and their wide range of really excellent controllers.

Don’t Stop Till The Mario Party Ends

We mentioned so many different types of electronics in Parts 1 and 2 that have rolled over from Black Friday into Cyber Monday, but let me just throw a few more a ya to squeeze every drop possible out of this Cyber Monday sale.

Nvidia Geforce Gaming Laptops? Yes please. We’ve got the spectrum here, from budget to premium, take your pick.

How about budget-oriented gaming monitors from the likes of Sceptre, Acer, or HP? Tons of value to be had here.

Fitbit fitness trackers, for those of you who are trying not to look too much like the couch you’re playing your games in.

HDDs from the likes of Seagate and Western Digital. An aging technology nowhere near as fast as solid-state, but hard disk drives still continue to be the cheapest way to get a ton of backup storage space.

Raycon earbuds. You hear about them everywhere it seems. Well they’re on a pretty spiffy sale.

Anker Soundcore headphones. Missed these in the last article, these tend to be pretty solid competitors with the Bose QuietComfort line, and you’ve got both headsets and earbuds as options all with ANC tech built in.

What about projectors? Great option for a portable party gaming setup, or just a good way to put a really big screen on a blank wall.

Some Elgato gear to get you started if you’re looking to start streaming your sweet headshots and triple kills. IN VIDEO GAMES PLEASE, IN GAMES!

It looks like MSI has some computer hardware on sale, mostly keyboards and motherboards. Boards and boards.

Lastly here’s a look once more at the big video games link from Part 1, plenty of great deals to still be found here for Cyber Monday.

Brick And Mortar… Again

So my Best Buy links from Part 1 are dead, such a shame. Thankfully, you can still find plenty of great deals for Cyber Monday. Here are those links to check out:



Video Games and Consoles


And there we go. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little journey we’ve gone on this past week as we’ve examined the numerous deals on offer in the tech space this year. I certainly hope it’s helped at least a couple of you find your way in the maze of choice paralysis. Once again I’d like to say to check out Part 1 and Part 2 for the full picture of all your options, as I have not really repeated between articles. There are still tons of great sales to be found in those two that are continued into Cyber Monday.

After this it’s back to work we all go, sad though it may be. At least more days off are to come soon with more holidays on the horizon. Until next time this is RH reminding you to take care of yourselves, take care of your handhelds, and stay hydrated.

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