Alrighty folks, dress rehearsal is over, time for the big day! Black Friday has arrived.

If you missed Part 1 featuring pre-Black Friday sales check that out here where you can likely expect many of these items to remain on sale for proper Black Friday. With that said, we have plenty of new sales to highlight for you today. So without further ado let’s get down to business with an electronics extravaganza.

Deals Deals Deals Deja Vu

Black Friday Deals 2-1

As a handhelds site it only makes sense we start out highlighting handhelds, so what do we have to offer?

Well Retroid has Black Friday sales running on their RP Flip, RP3+, and RP2S.

And on Aliexpress you could get some killer deals on a 35XX or an R36S

Anbernic is offering you up to 22% off + a $10 coupon with code ANBF.

And last time despite highlighting various SD card options we missed this great Teamgroup deal, which makes a great pairing for any handheld.

Also, if you’re reading this right now, chances are the PS5 deal over at has gone Live, as it’s set to start at Midnight PST. You can secure yourself a non-slim model disc version PS5 for only $349.99 so long as you sign up for their free Target Circle program. This is a pretty killer price, as they’re likely looking to clear non-slim stock in order to start focusing on the new Slim PS5.

Pump The Noise

Now of course it’s no secret that many of the handhelds in our hobby have to make sacrifices for portability, and that often one of those sacrifices is sound quality. After all, how much boomin’ bass can you expect out of a tiny fingernail-sized speaker? In that case, you might want to look into a nice set of headphones to enhance those sweet sweet chiptunes.

There’s always the popular Beats brand if that fits your fancy, currently on sale.

Or perhaps some of the Bose QuietComfort line featuring, as the name implies, top notch comfort and active noise cancelling.

Sony is also a long-time mainstay in the audio arena.

Sennheiser only has a small sale here.

Amongst a mix of other accessories, Steelseries offers some of the best gaming-oriented headsets in the business.

And Audio-Technica’s turntable-heavy sale here also features a couple of headsets.

Lastly check out JBL who offer some solid budget options, as well as somewhat pricier gaming-focused sets.

And The Deals March On

I’m starting to run out of categories I haven’t highlighted here, but let’s throw a few more at ya.

How about TVs? We’ve got Fire or Toshiba. We have LG or Samsung. Sony or… well, Sony. They’ve been in the TV game since TVs were big and heavy enough to be used as improvised trebuchet ammunition.

Here’s a bunch of cool Arcade 1-Up Machines.

Some flight sim joysticks and wheels from Logitech G.

Ring Doorbells for added security and connectivity for your home. Blink does the same thing.

Echo Show devices also improve the connectivity of the home and provide plenty of useful features.

Kindle e-Readers use a cool e-ink type display to attempt to mimic the appearance of paper, often with far better sunlight readability and battery endurance than your average tablet.

Needless to say, once again there are still tons of deals out there to discover today, on the Dealsiest of Fridays. I’ve hopefully provided a few more avenues of ideas into your shopping list, since I know I freeze a little bit at the question “what do you want for Christmas?” Once again if you haven’t already checked it out, Part 1 here will be chock full of other deals and ideas as well.

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