I grew up a Nintendo kid. NES, SNES, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, N64, and GameCube. I never owned a Sega console nor did I know anyone who owned one besides my sister who had a GameGear. I guess I just grew up in a little Nintendo bubble. The rivalry between these two companies was always so fascinating and entertaining.

With my Anbernic RG Arc arriving, I thought it would be fun to see if I could enjoy some of these Sega games for the first time. I have played just a handful through GotX like Crusader of Centy, Jet Set Radio, Snatcher, and other various games. I asked users in the RH Discord for suggestions of what I should play and tried picking 2 to 3 games for each Genesis, Sega 32X, Sega Saturn, and Dreamcast. 

Sega Genesis


Anbernic Arc Ristar

Playing Ristar on the Anbernic RG Arc

The first suggestion I got was Ristar. This game looks like it could be a good mascot character for the company. The game starts off controlling a star with arms, legs, and a face in a platforming adventure. The main gimmick for the game is you can press a button to grab things like ledges, vines, characters, and more. This was a fun one and I enjoyed it a bit. If I had this game as a kid, I would have had a blast with it! This is one I will for sure keep coming back to and play more of.


My wife grew up with a Genesis and she instantly said I needed to play Aladdin. This game was a lot of fun and a bit challenging as well. It was way different than the version I played before on my Super Nintendo and I think I enjoy the Genesis version more! The sprite work was great and the level design was well done as well. This is another I will continue to play.

Phantasy Star IV

Phantasy Star IV

Phantasy Star on My SNES Themed MM+

I am a JRPG fan at heart. It is my favorite genre so of course I had to try what people said was the best one on the system. Just like the other titles I have tried so far, I enjoyed the sprite work! The combat was fun seeing the kind of behind-the-back combat. I am not a big Science Fiction fan, so I don’t enjoy the setting of this one much. This may be one I will check out and dive into deeper in the future.

Sega 32X

Knuckle’s Chaotix

Knuckles on the Arc

Knuckles looking great on the Arc

This game wasn’t for me. I am already not the biggest Sonic fan besides taking care of chaos in Sonic Adventure 2. It just kind of felt like a worse Sonic game with an annoying gimmick. Will not be coming back to this one.

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition

The Sega 32x did not have that many options for games that looked interesting to me. I do love an NBA Jam title though so I thought this would be a great choice. The graphics and sounds of the game were really well done. I enjoyed playing this one as I do with all arcade sports games. This is for sure another one I will be coming back to.

Sega Saturn

Nights Into Dreams 

Sega Saturn on the Arc

Playing Nights on the Arc

This game wasn’t too bad. I am noticing that Sega games are kind of weird. I am not sure what is going on, but it is kind of a simple to play hard to master sort of game. It looks and sounds great though. I would for sure be interested in digging deeper into this game in the future.

Panzer Dragoon

I have heard so much about this game and have never tried it before. On first impressions, it reminded me of Star Fox, but with a dragon instead of ships. This game has you flying around and destroying enemies. I couldn’t tell if it was the RG Arc or the game, but the graphics had a little to be desired. I do like the RPG elements that are in this game and I may continue to try this one out in the future.


Crazy Taxi

Any game that starts off with The Offspring is instantly a good game in my opinion. This is an arcade-style game that has you picking up passengers and dropping them off at their destination. That sounds simple, but the game is chaotic and fun. I have some memories that I may have played this game at an arcade as a kid. I really enjoyed this one and will keep playing this one for sure.

Grandia 2

Grandia 2

Grandia 2 on the AYN Odin 2

I love Grandia. The first game for the PlayStation was one of my favorite JRPG games I have played in recent memory. I had this game loaded up on my Odin 2 and I completed the whole thing! I know this isn’t a Sega exclusive, but I did read that the Dreamcast version is one of the best versions you can get. This was a very enjoyable experience. The combat, graphics, and characters are all fantastic.


I know a week of trying this many games is not much time for this experiment, but I still got a pretty good idea of some of these systems and games from it too. Am I a huge Sega fanboy now? Not really. Just like any company, some of the games were great and some were okay. I do wish I was able to enjoy experiencing these games and consoles in their prime. I do enjoy a lot of the Sprite work and soundtracks in these games and I think in those aspects, some of it was better than the Nintendo games of my youth.

The Anbernic RG Arc? That is a pretty neat console! The d-pad may be my favorite one I have used on these devices. It feels great to hold in the hand and is a very comfortable device to hold. Even without the nostalgia of having a Sega Saturn, I still found it a very enjoyable experience. Purchase your very own Anbernic RG Arc on Amazon for fast shipping or from the Anbernic official store.

Other devices shown: Miyoo Mini Plus and AYN Odin 2

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