Even though it was a leap year, February went extremely quickly! A new month for GotM is now upon us. The theme this month was Multiple Ending March. The games nominated had to have multiple endings available during your playthrough. The competition was very close and it was a photo finish to see who our winners were! Here are the games you can play through March to win a point that you can cash in for sweet RH merch! If you want to learn more about how to participate in our GotX program, you can read more about that here.

Pre ‘96

Castlevania: Bloodlines

Console: Genesis/Mega Drive

Release: 1994

Genre: Action-Platformer

HLTB: 3hours

Castlevania: Bloodlines

Dracula Showing His Face Once Again

Castlevania is a series that many people have nostalgia for as it has been around for so long with so many different games. Bloodlines is the Sega Genesis entry in the series and is constantly on top of many “Best Genesis Games You Need to Play” lists. The year is 1917 in Transylvania. You can play as Belmont descendent, John Morris or his friend, Eric Lecard. Once you have chosen, you are to go across Europe and to the Palace of Versailles to stop Elizabeth Bartley, someone who is trying to resurrect the evil Dracula once again. Will you be successful and stop the darkness?


Star Ocean: The Second Story

Console: PlayStation, PSP

Release: 1999

Genre: ARPG

HLTB: 39 hours

Star Ocean 2

Awesome ARPG Combat

Star Ocean is back with this sequel! If you remember the first time Star Ocean won GotM and the server was temporarily renamed to “Retro Handhelds That Play Star Ocean” you deserve a senior discount. The shilling of the first round was intense with the final vote coming down to Thor who was convinced by Nate the Great on a surprise guest appearance on the podcast to shill the game live. Well, Nate was back and so were the chances that the server got to play the sequel to the button-mashing space action RPG. Choose between two characters as you embark on an epic sci-fi adventure. There isn’t quite anything like this series and with the new remake that came out recently, the game has never looked better!


Cave Story

Console: Wii, Switch, MegaDrive, PortMaster, 3DS

Release: 2004

Genre: Platform Adventure

HLTB: 8 hours

Cave Story

Exploring the Caves

It is almost hard to believe that the freeware game, Cave Story, has not won GotM yet. It is hard to give away too much of this game without spoiling it. You wake up with amnesia (of course) and you must complete this Metroidvania to discover more of the story. You can collect upgrades as you solve puzzles throughout the game. The game was created by just one person, Daisuke Amaya. It is a great game with fun gameplay, great setting, and fantastic music. 

Those are our games this month, so drop by and join us in our Discord as we enjoy another great month of GotM. Which games are you excited to play? If you are new to GotX, check out our article here on how to participate. Happy gaming!