If you thought Anbernic announced new devices at a rapid pace, it doesn’t have anything on Ayaneo. We just got the Pocket S in for review, and Ayaneo has wasted no time introducing a new slew of gaming handhelds

During its REMAKE session, Ayaneo introduced three new handhelds, a new mini PC, a GPU dock, and even a portable charger. All of these are retro-themed or inspired, but there are two that stand out in the Pocket DMG and Pocket Micro.

Ayaneo Pocket DMG

Ayaneo Pocket DMG

While many of us have been clamoring over the Anbernic RG35XX SP for its GBA SP form factor, the Pocket DMG takes us back to the beginning. As the name references, Ayaneo modeled the Pocket DMG after the original Game Boy. However, this isn’t a retro handheld you’ll find gathering dust in Grandma’s basement.

The Pocket DMG arrives as Ayaneo’s first vertical handheld, complete with a modern design. It features a 3.92-inch OLED display, sporting a 1240 x 1080 resolution. If that wasn’t impressive enough, this will be the second handheld to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon G3x Gen 2. This is the same chip as what’s powering the Pocket S, making for the most powerful vertical handheld ever.

Ayaneo hasn’t shared all of the specs just yet, but it’s pretty obvious that the company spared no expense here. The design looks like it came straight from Teenage Engineering, with curved edges, an “optimal ergonomic shape,” and even a splash of color on the power button.

Besides the screen and processor, another standout “feature” of the Pocket DMG is the controls. You have the traditional ABXY layout on the right and a D-Pad on the left. But, below the D-Pad is a single joystick, placed in what looks like a cutout of sorts.

However, it’s not a cutout but is actually a touchpad. Ayaneo claims this provides a “smoother control experience,” but there’s another trick up the DMG’s sleeve. Ayaneo has developed the software so that the touchpad can be mapped as though it were a joystick.

We’re still waiting for Ayaneo to share the rest of the specs, along with pricing and availability. So we’ll be sure to let everyone know what’s going on, once the information is made available.

Ayaneo Pocket Micro

Ayaneo Pocket Micro

Fans of the Miyoo A30 and Anbernic RG28XX have another pocketable handheld to look forward to with the Ayaneo Pocket Micro. Basically, Ayaneo took the bottom screen from the Flip DS and tossed it into its own dedicated retro handheld. This gives the Micro a 3.5-inch IPS display, sporting a 960 x 640 resolution. With this resolution, the Pocket Micro provides a “perfect experience for playing 4X GBA games.”

Again, Ayaneo stopped short of revealing all of the specs for the Pocket Micro. However, it did share that the MediaTek Helio G99 will be at the helm, making it great for many of our favorite retro consoles.

Given Ayaneo’s desire to be at the top of the mountain in terms of industrial design, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise about the build. The Pocket Micro’s frame is a “high-end CNC aluminum alloy”, which is said to offer an “advanced and unique texture.” Lastly, it seems that Ayaneo is set to offer the Micro in four different colors, including one that harkens back to the original NES, while another gives us big Famicom vibes.

The Wait Begins

Ayaneo Pocket DMG

Unfortunately, there’s still quite a bit of information left for Ayaneo to reveal regarding its latest lineup of retro handhelds. It also seems as though we’ll have to wait just to learn more, as the company “will be hosting a launch event at the end of July where the shipping time will be announced.”

That means that we have at least a month, if not longer before Ayaneo is ready to let us in on the fun. We’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this one. Luckily, the Odin 2 Mini is around the corner, providing a surprising distraction in the meantime.

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