So, the most recent Nintendo Direct has come and gone, and there was no sign of the Switch 2. Some cool new games were announced, but, nothing in the way of hardware. I guess that works well in the favor of CKRD who just recently debuted its latest Switch accessory with the Nitro Deck+.

Surprisingly, this comes less than a year after the original Nitro Deck was unveiled ahead of its subsequent release in September. But, let me take a step back. The Nitro Deck is a controller attachment for Switch or Switch OLED, offering better ergonomics, programmable hotkeys, and there’s even pass-through charging. It’s available in a bunch of different fun colors, including one that looks like a GameCube controller and another matching the SNES aesthetic. If you want to learn more, you can check out our full review.

Nitro Deck+ Press render hero

The Nitro Deck+ comes in Clear Black or Clear White

Moving onto the Nitro Deck+, it seems that CKRD mostly went back to the drawing board this time around. At its most basic level, the Deck+ works the same as the original Deck, such as being able to replace your JoyCons completely. However, CKRD is also trying to implement some features that were “missing.” These include things like an updated thumbstick layout “for enhanced comfort,” and an “eject” function.

One of the primary complaints about the original Nitro Deck is that you can’t use your Switch in Docked Mode without actually removing it from the Deck. That problem is remedied with the Deck+ as the USB-C port is being upgraded to support Display Out functionality. To give you, even more, versatility, CKRD includes an HDMI to USB-C adapter in the box.

Main features of the Nitro Deck+

Main features of the Nitro Deck+

On paper, it seems that CKRD has another winner on its hands, as the Nitro Deck+ looks like it can be everything you would want from a third-party Switch controller. There are only a couple of downsides, and they’re more nitpicks than anything else. For one, it seems as though we might have to wait for a GameCube or SNES colorway. The Deck+ is currently only available in either “Clear White” or “Clear Black.” Secondly, you’ll have to wait until “late April 2024” if you want to get the Deck+.

It might come as a surprise that I didn’t say the $70 price tag was a downside, but that’s for good reason. If CKRD can deliver what it promises with the Deck+, the $70 will seem like a bargain, given that it can replace your JoyCons AND serve as a dock to connect your Switch to a monitor or TV.

You can pre-order the Nitro Deck+ directly from CKRD, and hopefully, it will arrive on Amazon after it’s officially released. If you don’t want to wait until April, you can still grab the original Nitro Deck from Amazon.

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