UPDATE 6/18: Just a few hours after the K56 started picking up steam and making its rounds, the dream was squashed. As it turns out, Powkiddy itself confirms that the K56 is not an actual device that’s in development. Frankly, it should’ve been obvious given the design. But, some of us were hopeful that Powkiddy might have been looking to do something a bit different with its next retro handheld.

So far this year, Powkiddy has largely remained quiet, save for the release of the RGB20SX with its 1:1 screen. However, that could all change soon as we could soon see the Powkiddy K56 released.

At first glance, the Powkiddy K56 looks like a successor to the X55, which was released in April 2023. While X55 offered yet another horizontal handheld, there was nothing overly special about the RK3566-powered handheld.

With the Powkiddy K56, things are already looking quite a bit different, and it’s not just because of the unique colorway. Although we don’t know the full spec sheet just yet, we’ve learned that the it will be powered by the Helio G99 processor.

Powkiddy K56 leaked renders

This is the same chip found in the KTR1, Ayaneo Pocket Micro, and the upcoming ZPG A1 Unicorn. With the G99 onboard, the K56 should be able to handle up to PSP and Saturn games with ease. This also means that the K56 will likely struggle when it comes to emulating 3DS and PS2 games.

With that in mind, we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed that Powkiddy doesn’t end up overpricing the K56. For reference, the KTR1 retails for between $200-$300 and the A1 Unicorn is expected to be somewhere around $100 to $150.

If Powkiddy wants to make a splash, we hope that the K56 follows the A1 Unicorn, but that’s assuming the K56 doesn’t use an OLED display. Otherwise, we’ll probably be looking at a price closer to $200, as that’s what the Anbernic RG556 with its Unisoc T820 and OLED screen comes in at.

Nevertheless, we hope that Powkiddy doesn’t keep this under wraps for too long. The company is already gearing up to launch Powkiddy V10, which could end up as the most pocketable retro handheld of the year.

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