While a lot of our focus is on gaming handhelds, there’s something to be said about being able to play games from your phone (or tablet). We’ve seen a plethora of controllers released in recent years, but GameSir has managed to stand out from the pack. Now, the GameSir X2S is here, and it might just be the best compact telescopic controller.

GameSir has been on a roll, as of late, following the release of the Galileo G8. While that’s a great controller for those who prefer a more traditional style, it’s not exactly the most portable solution. And, that’s where the GameSir X2S fits right in.

The overall design is pretty familiar, considering that it almost looks exactly like the GameSir X2 and X2 Pro. However, the first major difference is that the USB-C port is now found on the left side, as opposed to the right.

This makes it great for foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Surface Duo. By making this change, you won’t have to worry about part of the phone hanging off from the bottom of the controller. Instead, it makes your phone feel more like a Nintendo 2DS or 3DS without worrying about the screen getting in the way.

In terms of the controls, everything you would expect is here, including a dedicated “Capture” button. Plus, you can easily switch between the Xbox and Switch button layouts just by holding the “Capture” and “A” buttons for two seconds.

There are various button combinations to choose from, including one that lets you enable or disable the “hair trigger”. With the GameSir X2S, the company opted to include both Hall Effect Sticks and Triggers. And with the ability to toggle between using a Hair Trigger or traditional triggers, the X2S makes for an excellent controller for any game.

This brings us to one of the “secrets” of the X2S, and that’s its device compatibility. Thanks to the USB-C port, It will work with almost any Android phone and any iPhone 15. But, GameSir went the extra mile here and you can expand the X2S to fit tablets.

GameSir X2S Lenovo Tab P11 Pro extended

A look at the springs when used with a tablet

To do this, you kind of have to “break” the X2S to release each side from clips that keep it in place. But, GameSir did this intentionally so that you can slot in your favorite tablet with the X2S in case your phone isn’t cutting it.

GameSir X2S Lenovo Tab P11 Pro gameplay

Playing a game on a tablet with the X2S

Wrapping things up, even if you already have the Galileo G8, the X2S is definitely worth a look. It’s more compact, is compatible with a bunch of devices, and even offers passthrough USB-C charging, albeit at potentially slower speeds.

But, the most compelling reason to check out the GameSir X2S is the price. The newly-released controller retails for $45.99, making it much more affordable than something like the Backbone.

Purchase the GameSir X2S from Amazon and save $10 off using code X2SRetro, or directly from GameSir where you can also save $10 using code x2sfans10off at checkout.

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