Hot Dog Face


Every so often something comes across your screen that is simply too glorious to ignore. I have a lot of controllers. I do not need any more controllers. Boxes I forgot I ordered arrive from China all the time with new color variants of the Switch Pro controller. It’s a whole thing. So of course when a friend sent me a link to the new Hyperkin Pixel Art LE controllers, especially with one of them being an Oscar Meyer hot dog theme, I was powerless to the call of its siren song.

Hot Dog Booty

This controller is marketed as compatible with Switch/PC/Mac/Android/Pi/Tesla(?!), and retails for $39.99. Quick tests showed compatibility was not a problem across several operating system environments. The Bluetooth connectivity was great and the thoughtfully provided 6ft braided USB-C cord makes it a great wired setup as well. The series has a number of variants at release, including Kraft Mac & Cheese, Heinz Ketchup, and the Kool-Aid man himself with his signature “Oh Yeah!”. This is a not a product line that you’re necessarily buying as a primary daily driver of your gaming, but I told myself that worst case scenario, it’ll look great on the shelf. If we can conclude that a friend wouldn’t be mad at you if you handed them this as a second player, then they’ve got something more going on than just aesthetic.

Unboxing Hot Dog Goodness

Unboxing the Hyperkin Hot Dog was a much more interesting experience than I might have expected. There’s some design flair and attention to detail here that suggests someone really cared about putting this package together. Take a look at these unboxing shots….This is the kind of love you want shown when selecting a tubed-meat peripheral. The licensing partnership between pixel art and childhood convenience foods might be a bit of a stretch, but hey, who’s to argue what works.

Taste Your Victory!

Now, onto functionality – because let’s face it, some might actually wonder about its performance as a controller. I tested it across various emulators, tackled a few rounds of Dead Cells, and indulged in 20 minutes of Pizza Tower on Steam. Additionally, I connected it to my son’s Switch and joined him for a round of Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe. It handled all my tasks effortlessly. With its BT/USB support and a slider switch for mode selection (located conveniently by the USB-C port), it’s versatile across almost any modern platform.

Hot Dog Box Front

Plug-and-play connections posed no issues. While the D-pad felt a tad high and clicky for my preference, it was certainly “hadoukenable” and suited the precise NES platforming I tested. I even braved a round of Apex Legends, and while it may not be your first choice, it got the job done admirably. Conversations with friends who also succumbed to the glizzy gamepad echoed similar sentiments.

In conclusion, a glance at this series will likely determine if it’s your cup of tea. Personally, I have no regrets about the $40 investment, and it’s set to become a cherished addition to my controller collection. Now, the only decision left is whether to pair my Hot Dog with some Kool-Aid…

You can purchase a Hyperkin Hot Dog on Amazon

Hot Dog Box Rear

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