Do you like metal handhelds? I do. There’s just something about a premium metal shell that feels good. It has a heft, a weight, feels a bit like you could use it as an improvised weapon. Plus metal feels nice and cool to the touch, at least before you fire it up and get the CPU all warm with your favorite games. It just says sophisticated and industrial in a way plastic fails to. Well guess who is bringing metal to the table just to show Anbernic they’re not the only ones in town who can do a killer 4:3 metal device? That’s right, Retroid, and their latest darling the RP2S.

This news is coming to us courtesy of the Retroid Pocket Official twitter feed, showing off this sexy gunmetal flavor of their new and improved RP2++, er, RP2S. It begs us to ask questions.

When? Probably soon.

How much? Probably an extra $30 over the plastic version if the RP3+ is any metric to go by.

Will there be 3 and 4GB versions again, or will they simplify with just the 4GB at about $150?

Lastly will there be any other colors available? It seems unlikely, based on the 3+ only receiving a single color option, but is this gunmetal grey the actual final color or just a production sample ready to be bedazzled? Only time will tell.

Needless to say we’re excited about this at RH, as the RP2S has been a popular handheld with many of our members. After all if you know any Retro Handhelds history you’ll know our group was largely founded around the RP2 way back in the dinosaur age. So we owe our own history to the legacy that this product represents, and we’ll be sure to cover things in more detail as said details come to light.

In the meantime, if you’re not familiar with the RP2S, be sure to check out our review below from our Youtube channel. That’s all for now, stay hydrated my retro rascals, with love from Retro Handhelds.

Purchase the RP2S from Retroid.

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