Hello there my Retro Family, welcome on in to our home, we’ve got turkeys and mash, apple and pumpkin pies, and a whole table of Powkiddy V90s, help yourselves. That’s right, it’s late November, the time for family togetherness, unreasonable gluttony, and rampant consumerism. Now we can’t help you with those first two, your family is your problem, and the RH Food Delivery service is still in early brainstorming, but we can help with the last. Black Friday comes earlier every year it seems, and the deals have already begun. Been waiting for that pair of headphones to go on sale? Shopping for Christmas gifts? Just enjoy a good late-night impulse purchase session with a bottle of wine? We’ve got you covered! I’m going to keep the jabber short and the lists long to try and help you find what you need, and maybe what you don’t need, in these pre-Black Friday sales. So without further ado…

Deals, Deals, Deals

You like laptops? I like laptops. Who doesn’t? Much as we try to replace them with tablets and phones, their pure all-in-one utility and productivity can’t be beat. The manufacturers want you to like laptops, and plenty of them are doing Amazon sales so check these out!

HP Laptops (Also Desktops and Monitors) [NO LONGER ACTIVE FOR CYBER MONDAY]


Acer Laptops (As well as tons of accessories) [NO LONGER ACTIVE FOR CYBER MONDAY]

Dell Laptops (Also Desktops and Monitors)

Asus Laptops (Also Desktops and Monitors) [NO LONGER ACTIVE FOR CYBER MONDAY]

Gigabyte Laptops (And Monitors)

Some Storage

Of course one of the downsides of all that portability is a limited space for internal storage options. That’s why the perfect companion accessories are external storage devices like the following:

Samsung drives and cards

Crucial drives and memory

Sandisk drives and cards

PNY drives and cards

Stuff For Your Stuff

Besides that there’s plenty of assorted gaming and computer accessories to love in this sale:

Plenty of retro handhelds to be found on sale right here

Amazon Fire tablets

Samsung/Google/Lenovo tablets

Razer headsets, keyboards, mice, etc.

Normal Logitech and then there’s Logitech G

Anker for all your charging needs

8bitdo Ultimate 2.4GHz and Bluetooth models

Astro headsets

Samsung monitors

LG monitors

XReal and Rokid Augmented Reality glasses

Wifi 6 routers and models

Stubbs Nubbs, the ultimate Holiday gift this year for any gamer, the leading edge in tactile thumbstick technology. Use Code Stubbs1 for 5% off your order!

And this should take you to a bunch of video game deals for Playstation and Nintendo as well as plenty more accessories.

Brick And Mortar

Best Buy Black Friday

Black Friday is a huge event, has been growing for a while now, and so there’s always plenty of deals on display all over the place. Anything you’re wanting to get, there’s a good chance it’s on sale somewhere. We’ve highlighted Amazon so far, but if you prefer brick-and-mortar over online shopping look no further than Best Buy. They do all electronics all the time, it’s basically an RH Playground every time I walk into one. The TV section is mesmerizing isn’t it? So Best Buy is doing Black Friday early as well and they’ve got:




Video Games and Consoles


And the ROG Ally, quite possibly the best Windows handheld on the market right now is also on sale for Black Friday. Just make sure you get the Z1 EXTREME.

You could also check out deals going on at Newegg or B&H Photo or Micro Center, who have all started their own pre-Black Friday sales.

WHEW! Now that’s a lot of deals, enough to just about make your head spin. The kicker is that I’ve barely scratched the surface, but I hope I’ve at least help start you in the right direction. Some ideas for what to track down during these big dense sales. I’ll come back on Black Friday itself and try and add to this collection with all sorts of different goodies, help you guys pass the indigestion and food comas with some retail therapy. Sound good? No? That’s good, you make some financially responsible decisions, I’m proud of you. Meanwhile, I’m gonna browse the laptops again. Until next time RH Family, take care of your handhelds, take care of eachother, and stay hydrated.

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