Powkiddy has just launched their presale for their latest handheld, the RGB20SX. Coming off their previous RGB30, this new device is rocking the exact same specs, including that brilliant 720p 1:1 screen, built-in WiFi, and the widespread RK3566 chipset.

A promo image showcasing the RGB20SX's design, as well as the included 'Powtiger' sticker.

More Powtiger goodness

Going off the naming scheme and design, this handheld looks to be a follow-up to their RGB20S, the infamous ‘Powtiger’ that went viral on TikTok a year ago. Just like that one, it seems we’ll be getting a free tiger sticker to adorn the front of our shiny new handheld!
For fans of that device, this is looking to be a significant spec bump; the 3566 is a chipset capable of handling everything up to PS1 and DS, with a big chunk of the N64 library playable as well. The 1:1 screen and built-in Wifi will make this a killer device for Game Boy and Pico-8 as well – take a look at our RGB30 review for more info on that.

A promo image showcasing the RGB20SX's 4-inch square screen.

*Beeg* screen

As for colours, Powkiddy have given us four options – yellow, transparent white, transparent black, and transparent blue. The dark blue, beige, and US SNES colourways shown in the teaser we got a few months ago are nowhere to be seen as of right now, but that could change at any time.

Powkiddy’s presale price for the RGB20SX is $89.99 over on their website – shipping included, as always. You can also use the coupon code RGB20SXGOOD for a whopping $20 off, bringing the price down to a nice $69.99! This is a limited-quantity code, so act fast if you want to capitalise on this deal!

Powkiddy say they expect to start shipping on May 10th. We can’t wait to get our hands on this one, and when we do you’ll be the first to know!

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