Powkiddy is back with its newest device, the RGB20SX! For all you Game Boy fans, it is a vertical device as well! It’s a brand new 3566 handheld with that 1:1 screen that made the RGB30 so enticing for many customers. It is said to be a combination of the RGB20S and the RGB30.

White and blue variant

White and blue buttons. Photo courtesy of @retrohandheldcollection on Instagram

Powkiddy has had an interesting few months from their TikTok fame to the hit success of the RGB30. The newest device has four colorways so far shown. There is a white with black and indigo buttons, a dark blue with black buttons, a beige with tan buttons, and an orange/yellow with black buttons. 

Blue and black

Blue and black color. Photo courtesy of @retrohandheldcollection on Instagram

Fun retro color

Beige/brown colorway. Photo courtesy of @retrohandheldcollection on Instagram

Orange and black

Orange and black. Photo courtesy of @retrohandheldcollection on Instagram

The RGB20SX has two analog sticks, non-stacked shoulder buttons, and a front-facing speaker. Will they come with the front animal sticker? That is yet to be seen. The biggest selling point for many people will be the 1:1 screen that made the RGB30 such a success. The screen size is great for those who are interested in playing Pico 8 or Game Boy games as they look fantastic!

With the RK3566 in tow, the RGB20SX will easily handle up to Nintendo DS. You’ll even be able to enjoy some N64 and PlayStation games before performance drops off with the Sega Saturn and higher . Even still, the inclusion of dual analog sticks paired with the vertical form factor will likely make for an incredible pairing.

There is no release date for the RGB20SX besides “coming soon”. What are your thoughts on the RGB20SX? Do you plan on getting one? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord

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