So you know how sometimes you did something cool, and then your younger weirdo cousin from China wanted to copy you and do the same thing? No? Just me then… wonder what that little weirdo is up to. Anyway, it would seem as though Amazon had themselves a fun little event this last week and boy does Aliexpress want to have some fun too. Enter the Party Time sale, where we’re going to hopefully manage to steer you toward good deals and not just pretend good deals masquerading as discounts. Now obviously Amazon would NEVER do this (they probably did) and I’m sure we would have noticed (we probably didn’t), but Aliexpress doesn’t seem to have as much moral fiber as the company that had their employees using water bottles as restrooms during their shifts. Hm… gross. Anyway! On to the deals!

Now none of these deals are going to exactly blow your socks off, we’re not walking away with the crown jewels for pennies here. However, with clever use of the coupon codes listed below, some of these devices are on their best available prices. Today we’re just going to be focused on retro handhelds, because Aliexpress is an absolute treasure trove (or perhaps garbage heap) of cheap plastic doodads and combing through it for the best possible electric razor/toothbrush/backscratcher combo is just beyond my paygrade. So let’s start with some Powkiddy, everyone loves Powkiddy right? (Insert “stubbspowkiddyscreamsoundeffect.wav” here)

The TrimUI Smart is a fun little pastel plaything that we actually have a review for here. Or maybe small isn’t your speed, and you want a nice big device with comfy ergonomics and a decently powerful chipset, well then you want the Powkiddy X55. The cute RGB20S was one of the last of the dying breed of 3326 handhelds, although I don’t see an option to buy it with the adorable tiger sticker. If you want a clamshell with the most powerful chipset of this lot, look no further than the X18S. For the BEST DPAD IN THE BUSINESS you’re looking for the RK2023. Now that’s an inside joke, but this is a quality handheld using the same chipset as the X55 but in a far more portable form factor. Lastly a more obscure handheld from Powkiddy, and probably for good reason, is the budget X39 Pro.

Now besides the big Powkiddy Party going on, my Aliexpress Guru who helped me find these deals has brought a couple more deals to my attention. One is for the budget handheld the M17. It’s stylish, it’s portable, and I’ve never heard of it before. Apparently it sits somewhere between the Miyoo Mini and Anbernic RG35XX for power. Last up is not technically a retro handheld, but it is something you use your hands with. That would be the Akko 5075B Plus V2, a 75% mechanical keyboard with hot-swap capability and both wired and wireless connectivity. This is slightly tempting to me; 75% keyboards are intriguing in that they’re just slightly more portable TKLs. So you get as much size saving as possible with none of the major sacrifices of smaller keyboards.

I think that’s just about it from me, after all Aliexpress is quite a needle-and-haystack sort of affair to narrow down this way. I encourage you to check out the Party Time sale and maybe you can find something that catches your unique interests. The sale continues until tomorrow, October 18th, at midnight. Until next time my retro rascals, have a wonderful week and make sure to stay hydrated.

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