The Miyoo Mini and RG35XX have always had great community support for not just custom firmware, but also customizable buttons and skins. When purchasing the Miyoo Mini Plus, I ordered some pastel buttons from Sakura Retro Modding and a front skin to customize my new device. Below is a short guide on how to do a teardown of the device and replace the buttons if you want to do the same.

Step 1: Getting Everything Ready

Back of Miyoo Mini Plus

Back of the Miyoo Mini Plus

I don’t know how required this is, but I removed the SD card from my device first. I then put something soft for the screen to lie on while I had it flipped upside down on my desk. There are 4 screws on the back of the device and 2 more underneath the battery with a total of 6. You will need a Phillips 00 for these. For the bottom two, make sure you have a screwdriver that is long enough to reach down into the holes.

Step 2: Take Out the Battery

For the battery, you need to pull the cord away from the connector and it should pop right out. Take out the battery and place it to the side.

Battery Cable

Battery cable. Pull it towards the left of where this picture is showing

Step 3: Disconnecting Cables

Locate the screen ribbon cable and the connector to the left of the motherboard. On the black part of the ribbon cable connector, lift it and slide the cable out. You can now safely lift the motherboard out of the shell and place it to the side.


Be careful as the volume button and the power button may fall off. If they do, they can easily be put back in when you are putting it back together.

Step 4: Remove and Replace

Remove the rubber membrane that is covering the buttons you wish to replace. You can push from the opposite side of the buttons to get them out and slide in your new buttons. Lift it up and make sure they look how you want them to.

Button membranes

Here are the buttons and membranes!

Step 5: Putting It Back Together

Time to put it all back together! You are just doing the reverse of the steps, but a few things to keep in mind. Make sure the ribbon cable is on top of the motherboard when you put it back in and make sure to clamp it back down into the connector.

Finished Miyoo Mini Plus

Finished Product!

Also, the motherboard can be a little stubborn being pushed back down into the shell, but with some careful perseverance, you should be successful. Keep an eye on the power and volume buttons as they can fall off. With these in mind, you should have a sharp customized Miyoo Mini Plus!

Need to pick up a Miyoo to mod? Start here. Then grab some buttons and a screen sticker from Sakura Retro Modding on Etsy.

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