March is over and it is now April. Do you know what that means? Yes, more GotM games and even a new RPGotQ game as well. The theme voted on by the Champions Lounge was Over Time April where games must show the passing of time.

Here are the games you can play through April to win a point so that you can cash in for sweet RH merch! If you want to participate, but don’t know how to you can read more about that here.

Pre ‘96

Live a Live

Console: SNES

Release: 1994

Genre: RPG

HLTB: 19 hours

Live a Live

The HD Remake

Live A Live has you choosing between 7 different characters all taking place in different time periods. Also, the game uses a grid turn-based RPG system. Each setting is vastly unique which keeps this game fresh. It is almost a collection of short story JRPGs that are all put together, or someone had a bunch of ideas and wanted to try them all. Therefore, it creates a unique experience.

Live A Live was a game that was also stuck in Japan for years. Recently it was brought to the West with a beautiful HD remake on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Nevertheless, if you want to play the original, there is a great English translation patch that you can download below.

Live A Live English Patch


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Console: N64

Release: 1998

Genre: Action

HLTB: 26 hours

Ocarina of Time

Ship of Harkinian with HD Textures

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a classic. Surprisingly, it hasn’t won GotM yet, but here we are. You play as Link who is to adventure on his journey to stop the evil Ganondorf. The game is full of great dungeons and an open world to explore. On the whole, this is one of the most influential games at the time of release.

In addition, Ocarina of Time is made better with the unofficial source port called Ship of Harkinian. This makes playing the game with many enhancements available for PC and Android! The port improves the game in every way imaginable with updates like a free camera, 60+ fps, the ability to upload custom textures, and much more. Unquestionably, if you have a problem with the original, this fixes it. In brief, read more about how to do this here.

Ship of Harkinian


Way of the Samurai

Console: PS2/PSP

Release: 2002

Genre: Action

HLTB: 4 hours

Way of the Samurai

Sword Fighting Action!

Taking place in 1878 in a time when Samurais were once highly regarded and are now outlawed. You take control of your created ronin as he stumbles into the outpost of Rokkotsu Pass. The citizens of Rokkotsu Pass are in the middle of a power struggle and suffering. You must make choices to help or further the destruction.

4 hours isn’t long, but this is a game with incredible replay value. As the main character, you can pick how to play this one. You can choose to help the local people in danger in addition to the choice to make their lives even worse. Undoubtedly, this game can keep you busy for a long time!


Rogue Galaxy

Console: PS2

Release: 2005

Genre: ARPG

HLTB: 39 hours

Rogue Galaxy

Rogue Galaxy

Do you like Space Pirates? Well, look no further than Rogue Galaxy. You play as Jaster who is on a journey across the galaxy with some interesting allies. From the studio that brought you Dark Cloud, this action RPG is a unique adventure. Luckily, you have until June 30th to finish this one up.

Those are our games this month, so drop by and join us in our Discord as we enjoy another great month of GotM. Which games are you excited to play? If you are new to GotX, check out our article here on how to participate. Happy gaming!