July is here and if you’re like me, your neighbors have already been blowing off fireworks constantly. Luckily, there are new games to distract you from the noise of freedom pops, dogs barking, and baby screams.

Goodbye July was the theme voted for and the game has to be the last or only game in a series, let’s see what won! If you want to know more about our GotX program and how to participate, check out my article about that here!

Pre ‘96


Console: NES/GBC

Release: 199

Genre: Action RPG

HLTB:9  hours

You play as a magician who is awakening from a cryogenic sleep during a Great War that resulted in nuclear destruction. In classic RPG fashion, you have amnesia but learn you are the key to prevent another Great War. Can you defeat Draygon in time?

Using a top-down perspective, this game allows you to move around and battle with four different swords. The game was also released for the Game Boy Color, but the NES version is recommended to take advantage of the larger screen.


Beetle Adventure Racing

Console: N64

Release: 1999

Genre: Racing

HLTB: 3 hours

Beetle Adventure Racing

Beetle Adventure Racing

Have you ever thought racing a bunch of slug bugs would be fun? Well, apparently it is! The Volkswagen New Beetle came out the year before and that is all the options in the game. This racing game has very large tracks that you can explore to find the best shortcuts to come in first.

This game was highly regarded for its graphics, level design, scenery, and more when it was released. With a short completion time, make sure to give this one a shot this month!


Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Console: NDS, Nintendo Switch, PC

Release: 2010

Genre: Puzzle

HLTB: 12 hours

Ghost Trick

Time for a Ghost to Save the Day

Another game where you have amnesia, but this time you are a ghost named Sissel. You are on a journey to rediscover your identity using your supernatural powers. You will need to figure out environmental puzzles to help figure out your cause of death all over the course of just one night.

If you are a fan of the Ace Attorney games, Ghost Trick shares directing, writing, and game design from series creator, Shu Takumi. The game is unique as you can traverse through the real world and ghost world and choosing to possess different objects. Can you help unravel the mystery?


Final Fantasy X

Console: PS2, Vita, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS3 and 4

Release: 2001

Genre: JRPG

HLTB: 46 hours


Jungle Battle

Final Fantasy X was a groundbreaking game for the PS2 at the time. It was the first game in the series to have voice acting and the graphics were breathtaking. You play as Tidus, a famous blitz ball player from Zanarkand. The city is then attacked and you awaken on a mysterious island (luckily with all your memories, no amnesia in this one!). You find out you have traveled 1,000 years into the future.

This Final Fantasy is much more linear than other entries in the series. This is made up for with a great combat system, unique characters, and a fun sphere grid leveling system. What are you waiting for? This is the excuse you need to bring your Vita out of retirement or enjoy the original or even one of the remastered versions! You have until the end of September to complete this one.

Those are our games this month, so drop by and join us in our Discord as we enjoy another great month of GotM. Which games are you excited to play? If you are new to GotX, check out our article here on how to participate. What games are you excited for and what handheld are you playing on? Let us know in the comments.

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