April is already leaving us and May crept in. The members of the Champions Lounge in our Discord decided to vote for Metamorphosis May for our GotM theme. The game nominated must have transformations of some kind to qualify. If you want to know more about our GotX program and how to participate, check out my article about that here!

Pre ‘96

Illusion of Gaia

Console: SNES

Release: 1993

Genre: RPG

HLTB: 13 hours

Illusion of Gaia

Introduction of Illusion of Gaia

The second game in the Quintet Trilogy is Illusion of Gaia. The game has you controlling Will, a boy with telekinetic abilities. You meet up with a princess to begin your adventure.

This game is rather short for a JRPG, which makes it enticing for a GotM game. The RPG mechanics are bit different though as there are no experience points, equipment, or even currency.


The Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Console: PS1, Dreamcast

Release: 1999

Genre: Action

HLTB: 12 hours

Legacy of Kain

Dark and Gloomy Game

Welcome to the world Nosgoth where vampires are running amuck! You control the main character, Raziel, a vampire-turned-wraith. You must kill Kain and restore Nosgoth back to its former glory. Do you have what it takes to do so?

The gameplay consists of a 3D adventure game that has combat and puzzle solving. As you progress, you will gain more skills and items that will make the game stronger. Luckily if you fall in love with this game, there are many more in the series to check out after!


Wario Land 4

Console: GBA

Release: 2001

Genre: Platformer

HLTB: 6 hours

Wario Land 4 Boss Battle

Wario Land 4 Boss Battle

The garlic-loving antagonist is back in an all-new adventure. Wario is reading the newspaper one day when he reads about a mysterious pyramid that is destined to have some treasure involved. The one thing Wario loves more than tormenting Mario and his friends is treasure.

The gameplay in this game is similar to the other games in the series. You will platform your way across different levels, get new abilities, battle bosses, and collect money. Each level begins with you jumping through a portal and you can only return when you find the switch that opens it again within the level.

Those are our games this month, so drop by and join us in our Discord as we enjoy another great month of GotM. Which games are you excited to play? If you are new to GotX, check out our article here on how to participate. Happy gaming!

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