Well Anbernic has certainly done an interesting job making themselves stand out in a sea of recent T618 devices haven’t they? Only metal T618. Only 4:3 T618. And now maybe soon the first T618 with Garlic OS? This is going to get interesting.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about it only requires a short step back in time to the Miyoo Mini and the team behind the solid Onion OS for that handheld, and then a short step forward again to the Anbernic RG35XX. Developer Black Seraph, seeking a solid CFW option for the 35XX, decided to model his Garlic off of Onion’s design. And so now we may see it, not on a dedicated Linux device like we’re used to, but actually on an Android focused device.

Garlic OS

So far we only have this tweet from the developer, stating that development is underway and results are pending soon, but it’s exciting news for many. It appears as though it will allow for dual-boot operation of the RG405, meaning a lightweight dedicated UI for most emulation, and then the full-fat Android experience whenever you need a more competent standalone emulator for certain powerful systems, or simply when you feel like playing native Android games. Of course, that tweet is all the information we have at the moment, but knowing Seraph we should be seeing something very soon.

If you want to get one to prepare for this exciting development, you can buy it at Aliexpress , Amazon , or directly from Anbernic themselves.

So make sure to check in here as well as on our Youtube channel, because we will definitely be showing more RG405 coverage once it gets its very own vampire deterrent. In the meantime, how bout some glamour shots of this sleek premium device using my new photography setup? Yeah I think that’ll wrap things up quite nicely.

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