Sources for Season 4, Episode 8 (04/01/24)

Join Stubbs, Rob (, Aish & returning special guest, Russ from Retro Game Corps ( for a romp through the latest handheld, emulation & firmware news, and chat about their favorite clamshells!


NEW Anbernic RG35XX SP

GachaSP GBA mod v2

Twitter (Bob Wulff’s build)
YouTube (YourCoolUncleMarisa)
PCBway (Purchase)
PCBway (RetroGameEvo 2024 Updated Button PCB)

Rough estimate for pricing:
Working SP (just need mobo & part of shell) $80 ~ $100+
PCB ~ $5, shipping is usually $20
Two 3d printed parts you need ~ $10
Tactile buttons ~ $5 (another $5 for speaker version)
V3 IPS screen ~ $60
Roughly $200 total, unless you have a spare SP then around $100

Anbernic RG35XX 2024 Roundup

YouTube (Retro Game Corps)
YouTube (Zu Reviews!)

NEW R37S by Game Console?

RetroHandhelds Discord
Twitter (Retro Handhelds)

NEW Fisher-Price Handheld (Twist & Learn Gamer!)

Retro Handhelds Discord (Stubbs FPH Announcement)

  • This pretend portable gaming console features lights, music, and your baby’s Laugh & Learn pals for exciting early role play
  • Toddlers control the fun with 10+ buttons to press for multi-color lights, music and sounds
  • Musical learning play: 65+ songs, sounds and phrases teach counting 1-10, shapes, and colors
  • Realistic design: Move the joystick, press the D-pad, and slide or twist the “controller” handles
  • Helps develop fine motor skills and introduces cause & effect for infants and toddlers ages 9 months to 3 years old!!!!! INCREDIBLE!

RGB30: Juntaro’s Flex PCB & Analog Hole Plug mods, New PlumOS

Note/Booth (GameboyJuntaro)
Booth (Purchase)
Reddit (Ocelot08 Analog Hole Plug)

Juntaro’s Flex PCB fixes the diagonals and adds backlit buttons


Github (JELOS is now ROCKNIX)
Re-adding 3566 support! While the X55 currently wasn’t in their latest release, it should be added soon.

ArkOS updates (RVZ support for GameCube 3566 and more!)

Retro Handhelds Discord

Portmaster news: TrimUI Smart Pro support in progress & Balatro!

RetroHandhelds Discord (TrimUI)
RetroHandhelds Discord (Balatro)

GotX April Winners (Live A Live, Ocarina of Time, Way of the Samurai) | RPG of the Quarter: Rogue Galaxy

Questions for Russ
-What is your favorite Fisher-Price handheld? – Stubbs
-What’s your favorite April Fools day gag today so far? – Stubbs
-What’s Russ looking forward to this 2024 – Ban
-What’s his favorite way to have spam? – Ban
-Why are you like this? – TeamRetrogue
-Do you have enough handhelds to power a small engine if you wire them together? – TeamRetrogue
-Out of all the places in the world you’ve been too, what’s the best? – TeamRetrogue
-What’s your favorite non retro gaming and handheld hobbies? – Joey’s Retro Handhelds
-What’s your perfect Sunday? – Zu
-How do you keep your beard looking so luscious? – Rob the RetroTechDaddy

Topic: Our Favorite Clamshells