If you were excited about the Miyoo Mini Flip, you’re definitely going to be excited about Anbernic’s next rumored device. Thanks to a leaked video on Twitter from @GameboyJuntaro, it seems that the RG35XX SP is nearing a release.

The video only lasts for about four seconds, showing off a clamshell handheld with a transparent blue shell. Then, the person places a Game Boy Advance SP down next to it just to give us a quick comparison. Weirdly, there’s also a logo on the outer lid of the shell, but it’s tough to tell whether the logo lights up or not.

Anbernic seems committed to expanding its RG35XX lineup, as evidenced by the new RG35XX 2024. That being said, we expect the RG35XX SP to offer similar specs to the RG35XX Plus and H. With this in mind, here’s what we’ll likely see:

  • Display: 3.5-inch IPS (640 x 480)
  • Processor: Allwinner H700
  • GPU: Dual-core G31 MP2
  • Storage: 64GB TF/MicroSD

It’s unlikely that Anbernic will do much in the way of changing anything internally. Provided that the H700 is at the helm, the RG35XX SP can play titles up to N64 and PSP without too much of a hassle. There’s always a chance that something could change, but we highly doubt that to be the case.

Anbernic RG35XX SP vs. Miyoo Mini Flip

Something that is sure to stir up some conversation is the difference in design compared to the leaked Miyoo Mini Flip. Anbernic seems to be content with launching the RG35XX SP without joysticks. Meanwhile, much of what we’ve seen from the Mini Flip includes dual joysticks.

On one hand, having joysticks to play titles beyond the GBA is definitely welcome, but that also comes at a potential risk. You don’t want to snap the lid shut only to have the top of the joystick make contact with the display. Then, when you come back to play a game later, you’re met with a cracked screen.

Anbenric RG35XX SP and Miyoo Mini Flip leak comparison

Anbenric RG35XX SP and Miyoo Mini Flip

Leading up to now, there have not been very many clamshell retro handhelds released. The most recent of which was the Retroid Pocket Flip, which is discontinued, but was also rather expensive. Meanwhile, the Powkiddy V90 from 2020 has kind of developed a bit of a “cult following.” That’s although it’s frankly not a very good overall device, and is quite limited in terms of performance.

No matter whether you’re more excited about the Miyoo offering or this new RG355X SP, hopefully, this means that 2024 is the “Year of the Clams”.

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