What was the biggest handheld hit of 2022? That’s right- one of the smaller devices of the year: the Miyoo Mini. It didn’t matter what you threw into the handheld scene; 503, 353V, and X39s all ended up being compared to the Miyoo Mini for size and value. And now here we are. October of 2023, and Miyoo is finally having another drop of their most popular handheld after a long drought of nothing but sorrow… and the Miyoo Mini+.

Originally released in December of 2021, the Miyoo Mini quickly became a major hit due to its potent performance in its puny package. While its SigmaStar processor and 128mb of ram didn’t sound like a lot; put into a package with a quality 2.8 inch, 640×480 screen and a 1900mAh battery? It did a lot really well. Paired with multiple custom OS options the Miyoo Mini easily became a hit for new and experienced users.

Fast forward. The V2 changes the battery style and ups it to 2000mAh, along with a shiny screen upgrade and some new colorways. The V3 does… something. And now we’re in the end of 2023 with the V4 of the Miyoo Mini. Changing out that 640×480 display for a 750×560 one due to display shortages, and possibly upgrading the shoulder buttons to something a bit more reasonable. The processor, buttons, battery all remain the same from the original Miyoo Mini V1/V2/V3.

But that’s not important. What is important is that in less than 12 hours on October 15th, Miyoo will be dropping another supply of these infamous Mini v4s on their Aliexpress Store. You’re looking at your chance to grab one of 200 Mini V4’s in either Transparent Black, or 200 Transparent Blue (the correct color) models. Timing? 4:00pm Beijing time which translates to 1am PDT, and 4am EDT. So hopefully you’re ready to set your alarms early if you’re interested in grabbing a black or blue beauty.

What do I think? The Miyoo Mini V4 is a great chance to bring back a great little device, but I worry that this different screen will have an effect on not only scaling, but OS options such as Onion. Regardless, this will likely be another great device to have in your arsenal, and If you want to know more about it you can always check out our old written review of the Miyoo Mini here.

Purchase the Miyoo Mini V4 from the official Miyoo store on Aliexpress

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