Remember a few weeks ago when one of our most handsome and witty writers provided you with some teaser information about the Anbernic Arc? Well if you need a refresher, check this out!

Now back then, we had VERY little to go on as far as concrete details on the Arc were concerned, but Anbernic had given us a little tasty-taste and it got us licking our chops. Fast-forward to now, and things are looking even more scrumptious thanks to what has come to light in recent days. The A-train stopped at our station and dropped off a haul of juicy deets for us to gnaw on until the device itself is released.

The RG Arc will come in two different main variations, with one being a full-fledged dual-boot (Android 11, Linux), touchscreen device, while the other will be the more simplified version, rocking only Linux, no touchscreen, and half the amount of RAM. The Arc-D as they are calling it will have 2gb of RAM and 32gb of on-board storage, while the more basic model will have no internal storage and be known as the Arc-S. Both will of course come loaded with the sweet six-button layout akin to the Genesis, although the color schemes will actually vary. So far, four colorways have been shown, and honestly they each look pretty nice in their own way. Whether a colorway will be locked to a particular model is yet to be seen, but I certainly would not doubt it, unfortunately.

As far as the chip inside is concerned, it is a MORE than familiar old friend we all know and….love? The RK3566 has been around the block more than my Razor scooter in 1999, and it will be making another run thanks to the Arc. The capabilities of the CPU have been documented, noted, observed, and recorded ad infinitum at this point, so I will not belabor them here. Just know it is a capable chip that caps out around the Dreamcast era, with some PSP thrown in for good measure.

Arc Info

So far, no word on a release date, but we will certainly keep our eyes peeled for one when Anbernic decides to put one out there. Until then, we will continue to salivate over this unique little device and hope it hits our hands sooner rather than later. Until we meet again, peace out girl scouts.

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