“Look Batman! Anbernic has your Batmerang…Batterang…your boomerang thing!” Well that may not be the case, but there is something dark and mysterious in Anbernic’s future in the form of the Arc. A new device that looks eerily similar to a Sega controller has crept into the shadows, and people are talking about it. A 6-button, wing shaped device is something entirely new for this company that generally sticks to a very common theme, but we are here for it, and rooting for this thing to be as cool as it looks. It is the night: it’s the Anbernic Arc.



So far the information is slim-to-none, but we do know that this thing is real because Anbernic said so! The specs have not been entirely disclosed, but we know it will run on the classic RK3566 chipset so the capabilities are more than documented. Wi-Fi looks to be on board, and the OS may in fact be a dual-boot situation, we are guessing Android and Linux, a la the 353 line. Not much else is known about the guts of the Arc, but the most intriguing part is the exterior, at least at first glance.


Black, rounded, covered in buttons. That is what you see when you look at the first images of the newest member of the Anbernic family. If you have seen a Genesis controller, you know the look. Besides the button count and overall aesthetic, we do know the screen will be that which resides in the 405 line, a 4 incher that will more than likely be a touchscreen. The exact layout, features, price, and release date are all hidden in the depths of Anbernic’s lair, but we will certainly do our best to keep our eyes peeled for updates. Knowing Anbernic, there should be more information sooner rather than later.


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