I love a cozy game. I remember as a kid everyone would laugh at me playing Animal Crossing on the GameCube, but it was such a delight for me. With the Steam Summer Sale dwindling down, let’s look at some of my favorite cozy games that I enjoy playing. Maybe there will be a great deal or if you stumble on this after the sale, you can still put them on your wishlist!

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Steam Summer Sale Cost: $13 (30% off)


Look at All Those Chickens!

Have you ever wondered what Animal Crossing would be like if it took place in Australia? Let me introduce you to Dinkum. You are in the vast wilderness of Australia with dangerous critters all around. This game is all about customization. You can build your town however you want with a huge array of terraforming choices.

The beginning of the game may seem slow and the relationships with NPCs are not the best, but the game is very addicting once you get used to the grind. The game will have you coming back with all the farming, fishing, metal detecting, crafting, and so much more. One part that I love is the addition of vehicles like motorcycles and helicopters.

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Steam Summer Sale Cost: $17.99 (40% off)


Ooblets Watching Farming

Ooblets is weird. This game is like Animal Crossing but also has a monster collecting element included with creatures called Ooblets. Collecting these adds another addicting element to the game and you can also battle with them with, get this… dance battles! You can obtain cards that have different dance battle moves.

The big thing about this game is that it does not take itself seriously and has some humor. Some of the drawbacks may be the stamina wheel being stressful for some or maybe the style of graphics is not for you. This is a fun game to collect and farm in though and worth a try! It is also available on platforms other than Steam.

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Echoes of the Plum Grove

Steam Summer Sale Cost: $15.99 (20% off)

Echoes of the Plumgrove

Colonial Farming

This game is for the Stardew Valley fan who wishes that there were more stakes and choices. This game takes survival farming simulation to a whole new level. It would be best if you worked hard to grow enough food to survive (especially during the winter months), but also have enough to pay your weekly taxes.

It is a cruel world out there and you can become ill with a disease that can spread throughout your whole town. It is possible you may not have enough money to go see the local doctor and just die, but that is okay because you come back as the child of your character. There is so much to say about this game that makes it so fun and the Paper Mario graphics add to that too.

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Cozy Grove

Steam Summer Sale Cost: $5.99 (60% off)

Cozy Grove

Helping Ghost Bears

This game has to be cozy right? It has the word cozy right in the title! Your character is camping on a haunted island, but don’t let that scare you because the ghosts are big adorable bears. Each day you will have to venture through the island and do tasks for the ghost bears.

As you do more objectives, the island gets more vibrant with color, and more ghosts will appear. There are daily objectives and some things you cannot complete in a real one-day time. This game will keep you coming back to expand the life (or unlife?) of your island. The graphics are so great, but it can become repetitive after a while.

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Steam Summer Sale Cost: $7.49 (75% off)


Beautiful Graphics

Spiritfarer is a beautiful game. You play as Stella with her pet cat. You are taking over for Charon, a spiritfarer and you are looking for spirits in your boat. You are then helping grant these spirits’ last wishes so you can take them to Everdoor, a gateway to the afterlife.

This game is so relaxing as you sell and build up your ship. The big part is getting to know these spirits and finding out more about them as you help them accomplish their last wishes. It is bittersweet seeing them go, but it makes for a great emotional game.

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