It will be a sad day indeed when Santa Gaben closes the doors of Steam for good, reaching deep into our souls and grabbing our heartstrings until we cry out “I WILL NEVER SURRENDER TO GOG” until finally succumbing to the dark reality that you are now over 40 years old and your family has long left you due to your obsession with the Steam Deck 3. Left to live a life without meaning, or goals. It will truly be a dark time indeed.

But that day is not today! Ding Ding, we are SO back with our (my) favorite Steam Summer Sale picks. Each of these titles are me approved and will all run well on your Steam Deck. Or not, I don’t know your standards. Valve somehow verified Hogwarts Legacy. The Steam Summer Sale starts today and will go through July 11th, 10 AM EST. (All pricing is in USD)

Steam Summer Sale

Prepare to get your Decks Steamed

I recycled that header. Our favorite non-OLED high-tech Switch killer is 15% until July 11th and it’s in stock HERE. Yeah, it’s the LCD model, but you can get the 512GB with an anti-glare screen for $381 and the OG 64GB for $296. 

Steam Deck LCD sales

Or just buy the OLED for $550. Or nothing at all. Okay, TO THE GAMES.

Medieval Man Simulator 

Kingdom Come Deliverance hero

Kingdom Come Deliverance for me is one of the best Medieval RPGs you can play, with fantastic writing, graphics, difficult gameplay, and just the right amount of jank to make this game a blast. It IS first-person only, but it has 16:10 support and plays great at 40-45 fps on medium settings and native resolution.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Gameplay

There is a sequel coming out this year, so it’s a great time to drink the medieval man Kool-Aid. Get the game and all it’s DLC for …. $8.00. or buy the Switch port for $50, I don’t care. Play it.

2023s Favorite Indie That Isn’t Indie 

Dave the Diver

Dave The Diver is a strange but welcome combination of a rogue-like collection game and restaurant sim that takes you to collecting ingredients in the depths of the ocean and cooking it on the surface.

Dave the Diver gameplay

It’s a simple premise, and this description doesn’t do justice to the sheer amount of content that comes beneath it, but it works and encapsulates people for hours. Not me though. I’ve never played it. Ahem. Yeah, so it’s 30% off at $13.99.

An Offline ARPG Everyone Loves

Grim Dawn Hero

Grim Dawn is heralded as one of the greatest Diablo-esque ARPGs of all time and lives up to that standard with a gorgeous overworld countered by a very daunting and… well… grim story revolving around a post-apocalypse. Its dense and rich gameplay mechanics make this a very deep ARPG to jump in and out of.

Grim Dawn Gameplay

It’s a little tricky to set up controller support, but you can easily set it up in 5 minutes. With it being 70% off at $7.49, it’s well worth it to just check it out.

Cyberpunk is a Genre BTW

System Shock hero

System Shock is a remake of… System Shock is a puzzle-based first-person shooter set in a spaceship you are trying to escape. You’ll hack, scan, and shoot your way through a colorful, neon, and sometimes dreadful (in a good way) experience that will take you right back into the 90s, but with pizazz. 

System Shock Gameplay

You can enjoy this glorious title for 55% off at $17.99.

Underrated Platformer?

Pennys Big Breakaway hero

Penny’s Big Breakaway continues to surprise me, from its announcement by the legendary Sonic Mania developer Christian Whitehead through his studio Evening Star, its release to great acclaim, its infinitely scalable in-house engine across all platforms, and its casting to the wayside despite its initial impact. 

Pennys Big Breakaway Gameplay

This Sonic meets Mario 3D world. I would highly recommend giving this game a shot, especially at 34% off at $19.79!

Deep Discount Pick

Middle Earth Shadow of War Hero

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is literally $2.49 and is honestly one of the best titles you can get for your Steam Deck. It’s an infamous sequel to Shadow of Mordor, due to releasing with a multitude of microtransactions and baked-in difficulty as a result.

Middle Earth Shadow of War Gameplay

After a multitude of balancing updates and the closure of the store, however, you can now enjoy the famous and deep nemesis system at your leisure. Oh, also It’ll run at a locked FPS up to about 45 on High and full res.

Developer Sales!

Just click the image to delve through some notable developer sales! If I missed any, sound off in the comments.

Square Enix Summer Sale banner

Warner Brothers Games Summer Sale Banner

Plaion Summer Sale Banner

Capcom Summer Sale Banner

Any amazing cops from the sale that weren’t mentioned? What did you think of this article? Let us know in the comments below, and chat with us in our Discord!

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