Happy Mother’s Day! May flowers aren’t the only thing exciting about the month. We also get to honor all the moms on their special day! But what about the moms in our favorite video games? Let’s take a look at some of the best moms in video games.

Mom from Pokémon Silver, Gold, Crystal

Pokemon Silver

Don’t Go Talking to Professor Oak While I’m Gone!

The mom in the second-generation Pokémon games is great. She is fine with her son just leaving to pursue being a Pokemon master at just the age of 11. This mom is also very understanding that you are not going to be the most responsible with your money. She offers in the beginning to keep a savings account for you so you can send some money her way for “safe” keeping while you are away. 

I put the word safe in quotation marks because she does get a little spontaneous by buying you gifts with the money. Some of the items the presents are actually good. You just left her to go travel the land, she misses you, give her a break! She is doing it because she cares about you and she misses you. To me, that makes her a great mom.

Mom from the Animal Crossing Series

Animal Crossing

My Mom Will Send a Letter Any Day Now

Another tale of leaving home, but this time to live in a town full of talking animals. It is hard work fishing, hitting rocks with a shovel, collecting fruit and seashells all day just to pay back your growing mortgage to a power-hungry raccoon named Tom. However, you may get homesick from working all day and maintaining friendships. 

Luckily, Mom likes to send you letters and presents from time to time. When that flag is up on your mailbox, you can expect a sweet note with some obscure gift waiting for you. Mom isn’t seen in Animal Crossing, but she makes her presence known with love and thoughtful notes. Surviving an island with overly happy animals does have its positives sometimes. Thanks, Mom!

Mama from the Mama Series

Cooking Mama

I Can’t Cut My Fingers With Mama Here for Support!

Having an encouraging mom who teaches you how to do things is great! Mama is no exception either! She has starred in many games that had their debut on the Nintendo DS with Cooking Mama, in which she taught the user how to cook and create recipes with the use of the DS touch screen.

Mama has helped us learn skills in cooking, gardening, crafting, babysitting, and camping! Mama is the Swiss Army Knife of video education because of her upbeat attitude and slightly repetitive words of encouragement. Thanks, Mama, because you’re one great teacher.

Mother Penguin from Super Mario 64

Mom Mario 64

Farewell Sweet Child

Close your eyes and pretend you just jumped through the Cool, Cool Mountain portrait. The chills of the snow, the cheery music, and the sound of a waddling baby penguin on the roof. There is a mom penguin at the bottom of the mountain that is missing her baby and you have to reunite the duo!

You pick up that baby and it instantly starts crying for its mom. After some butt-sliding down the mountain and precise platforming, the two are reunited and she is so grateful that she gives you a star. This mother even knows the difference between her own child and the random other lost penguin on the roof. No one would ever get the star from her and then throw the baby off a cliff, would they?

Yennefer of Vengerberg from The Witcher 3


How Could Anyone Pick Triss Over You?

I know this isn’t quite a retro game, but Yennefer needs a shout-out! If you played The Witcher 3 and picked Yennefer to pursue (like any sane person should do), then you will see that she is not just a great mentor to Ciri, but also a great mother figure. Did she give birth to her? No, but she goes above and beyond for that girl.

Geralt and Yennefer are a great combination of oddball parents who are trying to raise a girl with magical abilities that everyone is after. If you have read the books as well, you will understand more of this relationship more. I can’t speak for the show because I couldn’t finish that adaption.

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you get to celebrate with your Mom, Grandma, Wife, or someone else in your life. What are some of your favorite experiences of gaming moms or gaming with your mom? Read this fantastic and heartwarming article by Raven about his life gaming with his mom.

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