So at the beginning of December I gave my first impressions on the Anbernic RG35XX Plus device here on the website. The month isn’t yet over, and already Anbernic is re-releasing the device, but with a twist. That’s right, the 35XX Plus is back, but now it’s all short and wide. Very strange dimensions for a vertical handheld. What? It’s not a vertical anymore? That’s right, just like they have been doing with their other lines such as the 351 or 353 devices, the 35XX is giving us both vertical and horizontal options to suit your individual preference. In addition to changing to their recognizable brick-like design, they have also added analog sticks to the device. This opens up emulation capabilities on this chipset that the Plus wasn’t able to capitalize on as easily, such as N64 or PSP.

As you can see from the helpful spec-sheet put out by Anbernic, what we’re looking at is basically an identical device to the 35XX Plus. All the internals are going to be the same, even the battery capacity. The only difference here is in the color choices, which for the H it seems there will be Black, Clear Purple, and Clear. We can hopefully expect feature and software parity between the Plus and the H as a result, meaning the time already spent by dedicated developers on the Plus can be carried on to the newer device. Only time will tell.

Ultimately there’s not much more to say, it’s a 35XX Plus in a new shell. It looks neat, it’ll probably be a great value handheld for both enthusiasts and gifting. Shame it’ll miss the Holiday season. Expect this product to be available soon to buy, as Anbernic does not tend to delay long after their announcements. You can also be sure to expect the same Anbernic quality we’re used to from their devices, with the Plus having been a pleasant step up from even the original 35XX.

For a bit of a different take if you’re still after more about the 35XX H, check out our video below from the Retro Handhelds Youtube channel:

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