Well folks it’s time for a universally recognized and nationally celebrated holiday – Veteran’s Day! Thank you all for your sacrifice and duty, today we honor you.

But also, there’s also this thing being referred to as 11.11, which is slightly more up our retro handheld alley. Many of our favorite manufacturers, and maybe a few of our least favorite, are taking today as an opportunity to have their own kinda-sorta early Black Friday to take advantage of the start of Holiday shopping season. We’d like to try and help give you some guidance to some of our favorite deals, and see if we can give you a good starting point for checking out this sale. So join me as we go tumbling down this rabbit hole together.

11.11 Deals

Anbernic is offering an extra $10 off on sale items code with the discount code AN11. This gets you some good deals on the RG Nano for $45, RG405V for $120, RG351V for $65 or the RG300X for $45.

Anbernic Sales

You can currently get a 35XX from Datafrog for as low as $40 after coupons.

35XX from Datafrog

Our fly-catching friends at Datafrog have also discounted the R36S to less than $50.

R36S from Datafrog

The PowKiddy RGB30 can be had as low as $66 after coupons on the PowKiddy Aliexpress store.

PowKiddy RGB30

The 8Bitdo Lite Bluetooth Gamepad for Switch Lite, Switch & Windows is 20% off in turquoise and 28% off in Yellow from Amazon.

8Bitdo Lite

The 8Bitdo M30 2.4G Wireless Gamepad is also 28% off (black version) from Amazon.

8Bitdo M30 2.4G

Ban, our resident keyboard expert, has found some nice deals on the Akko 3098B/B Plus and EPOMAKER TH80 PRO.

Akko 3098B/B Plus EPOMAKER TH80 PRO

Catch ’em All!

Alright well hopefully that will get you off to a good start. I encourage you all to trawl a bit, as many of these sites can be fairly dense with products. You may just find a hidden gem down a back alley, or maybe just some cheap plastic junk. You’ll never know until you look.

Until next time, this is Retro Handhelds reminding you to stay hydrated, and have a lovely Veteran’s Day.

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