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This is Mikhailov from Team Retrogue, where we like retro games and the devices that bring them to us. Last article, we looked at a tablet called the Lenovo Legion Y700. This time, with Retro Handhelds celebrating Clamshell Month, it’s time to showcase the Ayaneo Flip DS.

I am currently working on reviewing this device for my YouTube channel, but while you wait for that, here are some fun and unique ways to enjoy dual-screen content on your expensive clamshell.

Game Boy Advance eReader Cards

Ayaneo Flip DS - Game Boy Advance e-reader card

I have been looking for ways to get the Super Cape in Super Mario Advance 4 through emulation for a very long time.

In order to use eReader cards and GBA on the second screen, you will need to use the mGBA standalone emulator instead of Retroarch. You can install this emulator through EmuDeck or by itself.

You will also need to find and download the eReader BIOS and the raw files of the eReader cards. I can’t link to those due to copyright.

Start up an eReader-compatible game like Super Mario Advance 4 and get into the eReader menu.

In mGBA, press File, and start a multiplayer session. In the new session, load up the eReader BIOS. Select the option to connect to another GBA. You’ll notice the two sessions connect, and you can then scan cards. You can do this from the file menu.

You can use this method to unlock berries and the EON Ticket in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald as well. You can also scan battle cards to take on tough opponents.

Game Boy Advance to Gamecube Link

Ayaneo Flip DS - Pokemon Colosseum

Bring your GBA Pokemon into Pokemon Colosseum

There are a couple of really fun games on the Gamecube that take advantage of connecting a Game Boy Advance. Most don’t require an actual game. You simply need to start the GBA Bios using the integrated mGBA emulator in Dolphin. Set port 2 to GBA (Integrated) in controller settings, then map controls as necessary using the settings cog next to it.

Navigate to dolphin settings, and you can set port 2 to a specific GBA ROM, for example: Pokemon Fire Red or the eReader BIOS.

In Pokemon Colosseum, you can register your Pokemon by navigating to the proper menus in the title screen and when ready for communication, reset the GBA Rom by right-clicking it.

Ayaneo Flip DS - Animal Crossing

This is a lot of fun. I got some furniture items in the early game by scanning eReader cards.

In Animal Crossing, you can navigate to “Connect to GameCube” using the eReader BIOS. Then use the ATM in the Post Office to download the Animal Crossing card scanner. Once that it done, you can start to scan your Animal Crossing eReader Card RAW files by right-clicking the ROM and selecting “Scan eReader Card”.

Readily Available RPG Walkthroughs

Ayaneo Flip DS - Final Fantasy XIV

Getting those awesome Auction House prices.

As much as I love RPGs, I can be really bad at them. Having a walkthrough readily available on the second screen via a web browser is much more convenient than having to reach for my phone.

For example, I can utilize this handheld to play Illusion of Gaia with a GameFAQs walkthrough on the bottom screen.

I can also have the Universalis website open when playing Final Fantasy XIV so I can check the market board prices without having to minimize the game and find the best deal for some of the gear I’m looking for.

Setup is simple. Just move your web browser to the lower screen before starting a game.

Hand Warmer

Ayaneo Flip DS - Heat warning

Ow! My Finger!

You can enjoy this handheld in the cold months because it gets quite warm to the point where the touch screen becomes hard to use for extended periods. However, during the winter, you might enjoy having your hands nice and warm while gaming. Who knows? Maybe you can melt some snow with this handheld.

You can currently purchase the Ayaneo Flip DS from the system’s Indiegogo page starting at $839.

Ayaneo Flip DS

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