Have you missed the days of JXD and the Singularity? Or just feel like the Logitech G Cloud just isn’t big enough? Well it seems to be your lucky day because TJD, makers of the T101 Windows Handheld, have just recently announced another handheld – The T80!

Building off of the design of their Windows handheld, the T80 has a similar “Giant screen with a controller on each side” look to it. And if they can nail a feeling similar to that of the Sony Project Q or the aforementioned, JXD S192 Singularity, this has the potential to be a very comfortable device. Similar to the T101, it also comes in a selection of interesting colors. Midnight Black, Sky White, and… Avocado Green. All of which have accent colors of Gray, Blue and Yellow (in that order). If you’ve ever wanted the Hulk in a handheld, this might be the way to do it.

But let’s get to the things that you really care about; the specs. The T80 is slated to come with a RockChip RK3588S, a nice 8 gigabytes of ram, and 256 GB of storage to go with it. As for I/O you’ll be getting the headphone jack (thank you), a Type-C charging port, a Mini HDMI out, and a Micro SD card slot for when you need a little bit more storage. What about the screen? Well, that is an 8 inch, IPS panel with a resolution of 2048 x 1536. This just so happens to be a 4:3 screen with about 10 times the amount of pixels compared to the recently announced Retroid Pocket 2S. At 8 inches, this screen beats out the size of pretty much every other Android handheld currently on the market. The G Cloud, the Abxylute are both only 7 inches. The Razer Edge is 6.8 and even the upcoming Odin 2 will be rocking but a puny 6-inch display.

All this power comes packaged in a device weighing 630 grams (39 less than the steam deck). We’re hoping this ends up having some pretty good battery life, especially with the active cooling and massive 10,000 mAh battery built in. Running on top of Android 13, this will hopefully make for a solid streaming experience. Something that you can absolutely do on the T80 as it comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and Wifi 6! You’ll be able to stream from the couch to the toilet all day long (if your home connection is strong enough).

Who knows, maybe the T80 will be the next big handheld winning the crowd over, but we won’t know until they finally release it. Until then, we’ll all be talking about what it can and can’t play, and whether avocados really do belong on toast. 

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