Greetings, fellow frog enthusiasts and gaming aficionados. Have you been searching for a handheld console that perfectly marries your love for amphibians and gaming? Today, we take a dive into the pond of the Data Frog SF2000 handheld console, available for purchase on AliExpress. This ribbeting gadget is about to make a splash, so buckle up as we hop onto this lily pad of an article.

Drawing heavy inspiration from a Super Nintendo controller, the immediate feeling is nostalgia. The next closest device we’ve seen in this form factor is the much higher priced Anbernic RG353P (albeit more powerful to boot) or the (now out of production) Miyoo PocketGo S30. So, in that regard, the SF2000 is pretty enticing for the price of $23.

As for specs, we’re looking at a SL4350 1Ghz Dual Core CPU, 3-inch IPS display, 1 GB of RAM, SGE2 Firmware, and the ability to emulate 7 classic systems (NES, Super NES, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and MAME). So you’re telling us, we get an IPS display, and up to SNES and GBA games for under $30? That’s an even better value than the PowKiddy V90. In reality though, there is an overwhelming likelihood we’re looking at complete e-waste here, but the dream is alive that we’ll have a killer product on our hands.

We’ve also got the inclusion of a joystick (lickable L3?) and the usual controller buttons. Not only that, but we have a micro-Sd card slot (pre-loaded with 6000 games – yes, it has Frogger, a version for each system it emulates in fact!), headphone out, USB C charging, volume wheel, 1500 mAh battery for up to 6 hours of reported play time, “stereo speaker” (on the back, what the hell), AND video out. Another nice addition is save states, which is a must in 2023.

We are having some froggy fun with this write-up, because this thing has inspired an entire movement on Discord, with memes hopping around and a new #TeamFrog tribe forming amongst a sea of fanperson-ism for higher spec’d devices like the Retroid Pocket 3. Something about it is just refreshing. We have a few on the way to our reviewers now, so expect content shortly, and we’ll be discussing in-depth on our Live Podcast.

Data Frog is known to re-brand others work, and this is likely no exception – as we’re seeing this same handheld coming from various brands, some noting it being called the ‘S7’, or even ‘SF2000’ being the actual brand name. None of that really matters, because at the end of the day, it’s Data Frog who packaged it all up for the right price and marketed it in such a way as to grab hold of a viral, hungry audience, exhausted from the wave of same old handhelds.

With its nostalgic SNES design, this quirky console will make you feel like the king or queen of the pond. And who wouldn’t want to rule over their froggy kingdom? Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play another round of Frogger for GBA, which I’ll be enjoying fully on my new Data Frog SF2000. Expect a full review on our YouTube & website shortly.

What’s your thoughts on the DF SF2000? Let us know in our wild and froggy Discord!

Pick one up on Data Frog’s AliExpress store

Credit to Cadence, JayLash, Fagner and the entire #TeamFrog on our discord for crafting an environment of ribbeting wonder for this writer to draw from. Note: this article contains affiliate links, which support our endeavors!