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After a very long wait Ayn Loki units are finally starting to ship and land in people’s eager hands. While many reviewers are looking at the Ayn Loki Zero and the Ayn Loki Max, I’m going to take a look at the Ayn Loki base 6600U model. We’re going to see if this device is worth your time, energy, and most importantly, your money.

Specs and Device Features

Let’s go ahead showcase some of the features of the device starting with the shoulder buttons. The device features stacked shoulder buttons. There is quite a bit of travel on the L2 and R2 triggers, more travel than I personally care for. I like my triggers to be a little bit more responsive but this seems to be the standard that’s happening for controllers and handhelds.

The face buttons measure 8 millimeters on the Loki and about 10 millimeters on an Xbox Controller so you’re not losing that much in button size either. Ayn really kind of went out of their way to make the Loki feel like you’re holding a standard controller and that actually means that they are trying to get a good gaming experience for their buyers.

The system also features two front facing speakers and LED lighting around the joysticks as well as on the sides of the unit.


Specs for the Ayn Loki 6600U are below:

LEDs, Screen, LCC, & Docking

When you start up the system for the first time, the LEDs around the sticks are going to be at a hundred percent and they’re going to be really bright. If you look at the picture below, you’ll notice not only only a ton of light bleed but you’ll see that the sides are reflecting off of the mat on my table. This could lead to a very distracting experience. Luckily once you open up Loki Command Center, you can lower the LED brightness. I prefer to leave it at around 20%.

We can also use the dial in the middle to set TDP, and we can adjust the CPU and GPU.

Clicking the settings icon allows users to adjust the brightness, volume, Control Center Opacity, and choose whether or not to start LCC on startup. I recommend you just keep that option turned on, because you can then start the Loki in Steam Big Picture mode and get right into your games.

Unfortunately this device has limited dockability. There is only one USB-C port and it’s on the bottom. Most docks are not equipped for that type of setup and requires a port on the top. Therefore, if we set the system upside down, we will be blocking the vent at the top of the device. If we lay the device down, you are blocking the vent on the back. Unfortunately there really is no good way to dock this device for long periods of time.