The time is nigh for another RK3326 handheld to rear its head and disrupt the landscape of our favorite gaming hobby. Indeed, I am here to tell you that another toy is headed our way thanks to Anbe…wait…SZDiiER? Well alright then. This will be the third device in the SZDiiER family, with the other two being a Famiclone with a fan and a horizontal device that doubles as a power-bank. So what can we expect from the third installment in the legacy of the SZDiiER company?

The D-007 is a vertical device akin to the Powkiddy RGB20S or the 353V(S); in fact the resemblance to the 353V(S) is dang near uncanny. The chipset however will be a notch under its doppelganger, as it looks like it will be the classic RK3326. Combine that with 1GB of RAM, a micro-SD card slot that supports up to 128GB cards, and a 3500mAh battery and you get a somewhat unique if underpowered handheld. It will also feature a 3.5 inch IPS screen (640*480), a 2W speaker, and a headphone jack. There’s nothing new or particularly impressive there, but maybe this little package will be a pleasant surprise.

The D-007 will come in a small variety of colors: a jungle green, a cream/beige, and a gray. As far as buttons are concerned, each colorway will have black buttons, complete with two analog sticks near the bottom of the face. The sticks are encircled by LED lights though, so they are already confirmed to be awesome. What they will actually be used for, I have no idea, but hey, they look neat! The back of course holds the four trigger buttons, but also shows a couple of bump-outs that look as if they will provide much more comfort than the usual vertical gaming device. So, if it’s comfy and capable, who knows, maybe it will win some folks over, even when the 3326 is past its prime.

Where To Buy:
AliExpress $65 (with built in coupons)

If you would like to keep yourself posted about D-007 news, feel free to check out our website, as we will certainly be updating it as more details come out. Also as always we have our YouTube channel which already has a first-impressions video pertaining to the reveal of this interestingly out-of-the-blue device. Or, if you want to chat with us and many other handheld enthusiasts about the potential this thing may have, check out our Discord server.

Article provided kindly by RocketMan824