Tired of being asked to “please accept” shortcomings in the budget handheld market? Anbernic is here to offer a quality alternative to the RK2023. Anbernic surprise dropped the news that they were going to offer their SNES controller inspired RG353P in a new feature-lite version that will make it much more aggressively priced.

Similar to the RG353VS that they already have in the lineup, the RG353PS will drop Android compatibility and the touch screen.  This leaves the device still able to run several of the different Linux custom firmware options available, such as ArkOS, JelOS, and UnofficialOS. The RG353VS also has 1GB of RAM instead of 2 for the normal V, so we can likely expect the same for the PS.

The PowKiddy RK2023 has been a surprising turn-around in public opinion.  At its original debut price of 90 dollars, it was a very disappointing release, but almost immediately it was price dropped and can now be found for close to 60 dollars with coupons.  The RG353VS exists from Anbernic in a slightly higher but still budget category with significantly nicer build quality, but vertical handhelds, particularly those with analog sticks, are a love it or hate it affair.

The RG353P is an incredibly comfortable horizontal handheld with great controls, and if Anbernic can get the cost down to the same price as the VS, the PS will be a great alternative to the RK2023 for those who want WIFI and nicer build quality and are willing to spend a few extra dollars for it.


My existing RG353P is a pleasure to use and is my current pick of the RK3566 litter.

Expect the RG353PS to go on sale in the next couple of weeks.  We don’t have official pricing right now, but a reasonable guess is that it will be sub-100 dollars, likely with a discount for the first few days of release.

Are you looking forward to the RG353PS? If you want to come learn about it or any of the other RK3566 devices on the market, you should come join our Discord where you’ll find channels for all of them.  You’ll even be able to find all of the custom firmware for these devices and more. See you there!

Article kindly provided by Rensho (please note this write-up contains affiliate links to support RH)