Update: The Retroid Pocket 4 and 4 Pro are available to order and Stubbs created a video to help you decide which one to get!

Quick, what comes after 3+? That’s right, it’s the RP4 and 4 Pro, obviously! Retroid is at it again, this time with a similar shape but new guts to fuel their latest pocket powerhouse. They revealed the initial pricing and some glamour shots of the RP3/3+ successor and it all seems quite familiar. The shape, the screen, the buttons, all very reminiscent of the budget king from 2023. Heck even the color schemes are a lot alike, though not identical. People have been speculating about the Retroid Pocket 4 for quite some time, and now it seems it may be right around the corner.

So what do we know? Well for starters, the things I already mentioned in the first paragraph! But also we know the processors that will be in both the RP4 and the 4 Pro – the Dimensity 900 and 1100, respectively. Some SOLID chips for a mid-tier and pocketable device. The D900 was in the Odin Lite, and has proven to be a very capable chip. The 110 is a bit more unknown simply by virtue of the D1200 being more prominent, but it’s fairly safe to say it will have better performance than the 900 and a hair worse than the 1200. You know, numbers and stuff.

RP4/4 Pro Details

We also know that the Start and Select buttons have been moved to the face of the device, the buttons and d-pad seem to be the same size/shape as the RP3, and the screen also looks to be a match. The sticks remain in their same spots as well, although they will be hall-sensor sticks this time, marking a pretty substantial upgrade in that department. The triggers and shoulders seem to be another tag along from the 3, for better or worse, depending on who you ask.

Alright, now the important information. The color schemes that will be available (at least at launch) are:

  • Black
  • 16-bit
  • Clear
  • Watermelon (Transparent Red)
  • Clear Blue

Pricing is also known, which is good for preparing our wallets. The RP4 will run you $149, while the Retroid Pocket 4 Pro will jump up to $199. Not too bad considering the performance to portability ratio. Release date is unknown as of now, but it is fair to assume it will not be far off. As far as the rest of the device specs, the 4 will have the same amount of RAM, while the 4 Pro will double it, bringing it to 8gb. The 4 Pro will also have 1080p display out over a type C connection, which is great! The two models will also apparently be actively cooled. Anything else- as of now- looks as if it will be the same as the 3+.

Retroid has stated that the RP4 Pro is expected to begin shipping January 15th, 2024, with the RP4 starting ten days later.

Well it looks like Retroid felt like giving us a holiday gift in the form of a new toy! TheĀ  RP4 is NOW available for sale!

RP4/4 Pro
RP4 Case
RP4 Grip
RP4 Buttons

How do we think it will stack up against the current handheld market and its predecessor? Will the improvements be enough to make it even more successful than the RP3/3+? Will we get a metal version in 4 months that nobody asked for? Stay tuned, I have a feeling we will be covering this device A LOT in the coming weeks! Happy holidays, handheld hunters!


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