Valentine’s Day is coming tomorrow whether you like it or not. Do you have a gaming partner that you forgot to buy for? Well, don’t you worry! We here at Retro Handhelds have you covered with some Valentine’s cards that are sure to spark some true (legally backed-up) rom-ance!

V90 Valentine

That Powkiddy V90 click is SO satisfying!

Retro Game Corps Valentine

Nothing more romantic than Russ at Retro Game Corps

Retroid and AYN Odin Valentine

This one is inspired by Jaylash in our Discord !

Aya Neo Valentine

Aya Neo makes premium products, and love messages

Miyoo Mini Valentine

Our love is more of a plus than a mini

Retro Tech Dad Valentine

Retro Tech Dad Inspires True Love

RG351V Valentine

The RG351V was my first true love

Zu Valentine

Sorry Gary

RGB30 Valentine

Don’t be a square this holiday!

ROG Ally valentien

ROG brings the power to love

Joey Valentine

Joey Speaks to Everyone This Season

Team Retrogue Valentine

Team Retrogue Giving the Belief We Need

Retro Breeze Valentine

Retro Breeze gives Valentine Ease

Stubbs Valentine

Server Dad Stubbs Speaking for All of Us

Hopefully these cards were able to help you on this day of love! Have any other great ideas for a card? If so, let us know at our Discord or leave a comment.

Thank you to our Youtube partners for letting us use your likeliness for these cards. Be sure to check them out at the following links!

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The Retro Tech Dad

Zu Reviews

Joey’s Retro Handhelds

Team Retrogue

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