If there’s one thing I know about the upcoming horizontal PowKiddy device, it’s that it has a T618 chip inside. This fact makes it an intriguing device, regardless of whether you love the T618 and find it fun or wonder why PowKiddy is making another handheld with that chip. The good news is that it’s just another option; nobody will force you to buy one. If you’re a big PK fan, you might be keeping an eye on the X28. Let’s hope you like what you see as we take a sneak peek at this device on the horizon.

The X28 features a wide, landscape-oriented, sharply angled shell packed with buttons (18 of them!), ports, and a 5.5″ 720×1280 IPS touchscreen. In addition to the typical face buttons, d-pad, and sticks, we find home, back, and two other function buttons at the bottom of the face. Start and select are located toward the top, and the analog sticks are below ABXY and the d-pad. Some speaker slots appear below everything, which should mean front-firing sound – neat! Hold the phone…we have stacked triggers, people! Good on you, PowKiddy. At the top of the device, we find the power button, volume rocker, an SD card slot, an OTG port, a USB-C charging port, headphone jack, and mini-HDMI port. Wowzers, that’s a lot for one section of the shell. The rest has…nothing. Though the back does have some rounded grips on each side, which look incredibly ergonomic. The comfort, combined with the 5000mAh battery, should allow for long stretches of play without much discomfort or wall-tethering.

I already mentioned the chip inside PowKiddy’s new build, so I won’t spend much time discussing it. Instead, I’ll focus on some of the quirkier attributes of the X28. For example, this device will have vibration, a microphone, a gyroscope, and even an FM radio. Quirky, right? Sporting 4 GB of RAM alongside a time-tested chip will provide a snappy user experience, while the 64 GB of storage should accommodate a solid number of Android game installs and more. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both onboard, helping this device take full advantage of the OS it will be running.

Let’s dive into the software! This handheld will run Android 11, including Google Play support. Having such a recent build of Android will open up many possibilities, especially when paired with the built-in control mapping. The size of the 16:9 screen and overall layout should provide an excellent playing environment for native Android games, whether using the buttons or on-screen touch controls. The other usual benefits of Android apply here, such as the ability to install and use Daijisho! If you enjoy Android as an OS, PowKiddy has your back on this one.

PowKiddy even has a brief video on YouTube showcasing a hands-on look at the new handheld. The only color they seem to offer is a shiny black paired with black buttons. Speaking of offerings, the X28 is now up for pre-sale, but for some odd reason, they will initially ship only 200 units at $149.99 each. Don’t ask me why – PowKiddy and I aren’t as tight as I wish we were. You can head over to their official website to place your order, as long as you’re fast enough to be one of the chosen few.

You can also visit the Retro Handhelds YouTube channel to check out news and gossip about other handhelds, as there’s always something new coming down the pipeline! As for the PowKiddy X28, we won’t have to wait long to see what it has in store for us. Will it be a hit or a miss? Will it outperform the competition or fall behind? Will it make us laugh or cry…or both? Keep your ear to the ground, and you just might find out.

In conclusion, the PowKiddy X28 is an intriguing device with its T618 chip, ergonomic design, and a plethora of features. The Android 11 OS opens a world of gaming possibilities and ensures compatibility with a wide range of apps. Although its initial release is limited to 200 units, the excitement surrounding this handheld is palpable. Stay tuned for more information on the X28 and other innovative devices in the world of retro handheld gaming!

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