Have you ever wanted an arcade machine that you can put in your home? Maybe even directly on a wall? Well it seems like you might not be the only one. Polycade has come onto Kickstarter with a new system known as the Polycade system, and at the very least the looks definitely grab your attention first.

So “Who is Polycade?” You might ask. It appears this isn’t their first time around the block as in 2017 the original Polycade Kickstarter came and went. Since then their website has held a couple of different Polycade models including the “Squadcade” and the “Retro 2“. These devices all have the same basis though; they’re a screen, controllers, and (usually) a PC housed within an Arcade cabinet shaped enclosure. A good idea that’s been done a number of times, but it seems like they’re at least trying to change it up a little with the Polycade Sente.

Well- It won’t change the “controls, screen, and PC in an arcade cabinet” part of things, but they have shown in their Kickstarter that the Sente will have modular controls! Whether that’s 2 half panel controllers, a full panel, or “A half panel and 2 cupholder” there will at least be the knowledge that things can be easily replaced or repaired.

But what goes in it? You might ask. Well apparently whatever you’d like! Their marketing shows that you can either put home consoles, a mini PC, or even build your own computer into the arcade cabinet itself. Again I’d call that a win for repairability down the road. So if you want an arcade machine for playing Nintendo Switch, maybe this is the way?

Now onto the Kickstarter itself. Right now the Polycade Sente sits at $1,349 for the “Launch Special” which includes the Sente itself as well as a “Mini PC with Windows 10” or 11 depending which sentence you look at. This is considered 46% off of retail and honestly doesn’t sound too bad value wise- at least in Kickstarter. This goes up to $5,399 for 4 Sentes (for some reason), but hey- the value is there. Panels can be added on for $139-$219, and an optional Light Gun is $100.

It seems cool but remember, Kickstarter is not a store, even with companies that have released products before. Back a Kickstarter only with money that you’re prepared to burn. Otherwise I’d say it’s a cool project that could very well fit into a lot of homes! So check it out here!

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