Evercade creator, Blaze Entertainment, is releasing two new devices into its Super Pocket line-up under Hyper Mega Tech, the company announced via YouTube. The Super Pocket Atari Edition and Super Pocket Technos Edition will be released sometime in October, with pre-orders starting July 31st.

Super Pocket Atari Edition and Super Pocket Technos Edition

The two new editions feature a different selection of games from each other just like the CAPCOM and Taito versions before.

Super Pocket Atari Edition

The Atari Edition features major standouts like Asteroids, Berzerk, Crystal Castles, Super Breakout, and Super Astroids, alongside 40+ others. The Atari Edition will also have a limited, special edition woodgrain version that is limited to 2600 copies; an homage to the original Atari 2600.

Super Pocket Atari Edition Special Woodgrain Edition

Super Pocket Atari Edition and Atari Special Edition

Super Pocket Atari Edition Games:

  • Asteroids (Arcade)
  • Berzerk (Arcade)
  • Canyon Bomber (Arcade)
  • Crystal Castles (Arcade)
  • Frenzy (Arcade)
  • Liberator (Arcade)
  • Lost Tomb (Arcade)
  • Millipede (Arcade)
  • Missile Command (Arcade)
  • Night Driver (Arcade)
  • Pong (Arcade)
  • Skydiver (Arcade)
  • Super Breakout (Arcade)
  • Adventure (2600)
  • Aquaventure (2600)
  • Dark Cavern (2600)
  • Gravitar (2600)
  • Haunted House (2600)
  • Radar Lock (2600)
  • Save Mary! (2600)
  • Solaris (2600)
  • Street Racer (2600)
  • Submarine Commander (2600)
  • Tempest (2600)
  • Video Pinball (2600)
  • Wizard (2600)
  • Yars’ Revenge (2600)
  • Bounty Bob Strikes Back! (5200)
  • Countermeasure (5200)
  • Final Legacy (5200)
  • Miner 2049’er (5200)
  • Xari Arena (5200)
  • Alien Brigade (7800)
  • Asteroids (7800)
  • Centipede (7800)
  • Dark Chambers (7800)
  • Desert Falcon (7800)
  • Fatal Run (7800)
  • Food Fight (7800)
  • Ninja Golf (7800)
  • Motor Psycho (7800)
  • Basketbrawl (Lynx)
  • Checkered Flag (Lynx)
  • Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop (Lynx)
  • Kung Food (Lynx)
  • Robo-Squash (Lynx)
  • Scrapyard Dog (Lynx)
  • Super Asteroids & Missile Command (Lynx)
  • Turbo Sub (Lynx)
  • Warbirds (Lynx)

Super Pocket Atari Edition

Super Pocket Technos Edition

The Super Technos Edition features numerous arcade classics like the original Double Dragon trilogy and its sequel Super Double Dragon, Renegade, and River City Ransom.

Technos Edition Super Pocket

Super Pocket Technos Edition

Super Pocket Technos Edition Games:

  • Double Dragon (Arcade)
  • DD II: The Revenge (Arcade)
  • DD 3 -The Rosetta Stone (Arcade)
  • Block Out (Arcade)
  • The Combatribes (Arcade)
  • Minky Monkey (Arcade)
  • Mysterious Stones: Dr John’s Adventure (Arcade)
  • Renegade (Arcade)
  • Super Dodge Ball (Arcade)
  • Super Double Dragon (16-bit)
  • Double Dragon (8-bit)
  • Double Dragon (8-bit handheld)
  • River City Ransom (8-bit)
  • Crash ‘N’ The Boys: Street Challenge (8-bit)
  • Super Spike V’Ball (8-bit)

Super Pocket Technos Edition

Evercade Compatibility and More

Evercade EXP-R and VS-R promo

Although each device has a different selection of pre-installed games, both will be fully compatible with the existing Evercade library of cartridges. Evercade devices find their usability in pitting themselves in the middle of using emulation for the preinstalled games while relying on either re-released or exclusive game cartridges for their consoles. Similar to the Analogue Pocket’s Dock, there is also the Evercade VS-R should anyone decide to play cartridges on the TV.  The VS-R is only compatible with cartridges and features no usability in plugging the device into it to output to the TV like the Dock would, but the usability remains the same.

The Evercade line of devices has cemented itself as a brand focused on restoring nostalgic sensibilities through the use of cartridges from days of yore but has also firmly accepted the reality that digital emulation of games may be a better option for most gamers of the modern era. Here, with the Atari and Technos Editions of the Super Pocket, the same remains true.

Similar to the CAPCOM and Taitos versions of the Super Pocket, both devices will cost $59 USD. The limited, Special Edition woodgrain version of the Super Pocket Atari Edition will cost $74.

Are you excited about the Atari and Technos Edition of the Super Pocket? Which one will you be getting? Let us know in the comments below, and chat with us in our Discord!

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